Updated on October 1, 2022

Vivo X70

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Capture every moment—from the mundane to the extraordinary—with the Vivo X70, The Next Imagery Master.

The ground-breaking device continues to integrate Zeiss optics’ renowned expertise with cutting-edge mobile technology.

The X70 continues the partnership established with the Vivo X60 series.

This device revolutionized the way we share our world through images captured with the Vivo imaging system, which was co-engineered with Zeiss, the German leader in optics technology.

The Vivo X70, with its enhanced mobile performance and Zeiss camera capabilities, raises the bar even higher in terms of how we capture the most extraordinary moments, even in the most challenging photography situations.

Innovations in mobile imaging

The Vivo X70, dubbed the Next Imagery Master, features an Ultra-Sensing Gimbal camera that incorporates Zeiss optical innovations and advanced mobile imaging technology.

Gain the ability to master mobile night photography with the device’s Zeiss Superb Night Camera and AI Algorithm, enabling users to preview and manually adjust the exposure intensity to achieve the desired photo, eliminating the guesswork or waiting required to capture that perfect night shot.

Vivo X70

Even night videos look fantastic thanks to the enhanced night scene shooting effect, which can shoot in environments as low as 0 Lux.

Glare is also eliminated thanks to the Zeiss T* Coating, a clever lens innovation that captures the true colors of the night, ensuring that photos remain clear even when light sources are scattered.

While the Night Sports Mode enables crisp images with a high ISO, noise reduction, optimization, and secondary algorithm processing via multi-frame stacking.

Capture ever-vivid portraits of your favorite subjects using stunning X70 features such as the classic Zeiss styles in Portrait Mode: Biotar, Distagon, Planar, and Sonnar to create a bokeh effect with a shallow depth of field in both the foreground and background to highlight the subject naturally.

Additionally, the Vivo X70 incorporates a ground-breaking combination of Gimbal Reset Technology stabilization angle and crop reduction.

With these features, you have the capability of DSLR portraiture at your fingertips.

It also includes cinematic-quality videos and images for those moments when you want to capture movement.

The Vivo X70’s software algorithms support standard HDR10+ video recording, editing, and broadcasting, as well as full-path support.

When the time comes to share your video masterpiece, it maintains its color and artistic vision integrity.

With video log mode, zoom that supports SAT, focus distance labeling, adjustable audio level, and an immersive surveillance video interface, the Zeiss Pro Cinematic Mode enables you to express your creative side.

Aesthetic performance

Apart from the stellar camera technology packed into its sleek 6.56-inch body, the Vivo X70 delivers an exceptional performance with 12GB RAM and a hefty 256GB storage, all powered by a flagship-level 6nm chip and the Vivo 5G platform, making it a phone that easily keeps up with you and your passions.

With the phone’s 44W Flash charge on a 4,400mAh battery, you can quickly charge from 0-60 percent.

With a 120Hz refresh rate, the Vivo X70 is ideal for those who enjoy living fully and pushing boundaries while telling their stories.

Experience Xceptional is living with The Next Imagery Master.

Capture the best moments of your life with unmatched camera technology and indulge with the new TWS 2e Series (₱2,999) wireless earphones.

The Vivo X70, developed in collaboration with Zeiss, will be available for pre-order starting October 9 and will retail for ₱34,999.

Please visit their website or follow Vivo Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information.

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