Updated on November 12, 2022

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

➡ The first season of Warzone 2.0 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launches next week, bringing a number of changes to both games.

The first season of content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and its battle royale sibling Warzone 2.0, which launches on November 16 next week, has received more information from Activision.

Warzone 2.0, unlike Overwatch 2, won’t replace the original game, but it will include a ton of new content and a revamped battle pass.

The new Call of Duty Battle Pass is getting a Fortnite-like makeover, allowing players to unlock different items in the pass on their own time rather than having to go through a more linear level progression, as detailed in a fairly lengthy blog post by Activision that dives into all the upcoming content for both games.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

Though the battle pass is presented as a multi-sector map with a total of 20 sectors and five items to unlock in each sector, the new system does sound somewhat complicated.

Items in a sector can be unlocked by using Battle Token Tier Skips acquired through gameplay, as can items in neighboring sectors.

Four new weapons will be added for Modern Warfare 2 players in Season 1, with two of them being free in the Battle Pass.

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Additionally, nine new Operators are joining the game, including football players Leo Messi, Neymar Jr., and Paul Pogba as well as Gaz from the campaign.

Shoot House and Shipment, two brand-new 6v6 maps from Modern Warfare (2019), are also returning this season.

A brand-new Raid mode and cooperative mission are also coming. But it appears that anyone hoping for new 6v6 maps will have to hold off until at least Season 2.

For Warzone 2.0, Activision has many more ideas in store. The highly anticipated Warzone sequel, which is a free-to-play battle royale game, introduces a number of changes to the players’ accustomed gameplay loop.

Players won’t be able to grind out money and buy full loadouts in the late game, for instance.

Your Primary Weapon can now only be purchased from in-game shops. Clearing Strongholds and Black Sites will allow you to acquire the remaining items in your loadout.

You’ll need to engage in combat to pass through these AI-controlled areas.

Al Mazrah, the new map for Warzone 2.0, has 18 significant landmarks, some of which have already been excised and made into multiplayer PvP arenas.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

Activision describes the DMZ mode in Warzone 2.0 as “an open-world, narrative-focused extraction mode where Operator squads have free rein to complete faction-based missions, take on additional side objectives, engage with enemy Operators or AI combatants, and search for valuable items while fighting to survive toward exfiltration.” Al Mazrah also serves as the setting for this mode.

If first-person combat isn’t your thing, Warzone 2.0 will also feature third-person playlists.

A revamp is also being made to the 2v2 Gulag system, which previously allowed players to survive after dying in a battle royale.

Now, everyone in the Gulag can work together to defeat an AI-run jailer and earn a ticket home. All are at peace aside from the jailer.

Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 debut the following week, on November 16.


Are you going to play Warzone 2.0 the following week?

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