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Driving School Philippines: 8 Reasons to Enroll – Let’s get right to the point: You should definitely enroll in a driving school, even if it means spending money.

Think about how much more you’ll pay if you’re involved in a car accident due to your insufficient driving education, which a reputable driving school can offer.

Yes, you can learn to drive that way. You might be saying, “But my dad can teach me how to drive—and it’s free!” But nothing beats receiving top-notch driving instruction from qualified teachers.

Before accepting and processing license transactions, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) now also requires a certificate of successful completion of a driving course.

Discover more about this and other benefits of enrolling in a driving school in the Philippines below.

Why You Should Attend Driving School in the Philippines

Here are just a few of the many benefits of enrolling in a driving school in the Philippines.

1. You Need It to Get a Driver’s License

In the Philippines, you must enroll in a driving school if you want to acquire a driver’s license.

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Before issuing a driver’s license, all LTO locations now demand a Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) certificate.

In the Philippines, you can currently enroll in online theoretical driving courses in addition to face-to-face or classroom theoretical driving courses at any driving school that has received LTO accreditation.

The policy mandates a 15-hour driving course from an LTO-accredited driving school, a licensed driving school instructor or administrator, or from any LTO-Driver Education Center for all LTO student permit applicants, including those with foreign and expired student permits.

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If a student’s student permit was issued after August 3, 2020, they must also take the course in order to apply for a non-professional or professional license.

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2. Learn from Certified Professionals

Professional instructors certified by the TESDA and accredited by the LTO are employed by some driving schools in the Philippines.

All driving school instructors in the Philippines will soon need to have a TESDA certification before they can receive an LTO accreditation.

driving school

A licensed driving instructor can teach you because they have experience and both theoretical and practical knowledge.

You can learn to drive for free from a family member or friend, but you’ll only get the fundamentals.

3. Get Structured Driving School Training

Learning to ride a bike is very different from learning to drive a car.

For starters, a car is a much more complicated machine than a bicycle, which has only two wheels, pedals, and a handlebar.

Additionally, you can pretty much teach yourself how to bike. Driving a car is different from that.

The best way to learn the specifics of driving is through a structured and methodical approach, which a driving lesson can give.

A curriculum that covers both real-world and hypothetical driving situations is followed by instructors.

You will find it simpler to comprehend the fundamentals of driving a car this way.

Furthermore, instruction will be standardized across all driving schools in the Philippines.

The LTO has collaborated with various academies to develop a uniform training curriculum that will be used by all driving schools.

The government organization desires that important subjects like fundamental auto repair and traffic laws and regulations be covered in the extensive training program.

4. Reduce Your Risk of Getting Into an Accident

You can develop defensive driving techniques and steer clear of potentially fatal errors by completing driver education in a recognized institution. One of those vital abilities is road awareness, which enables you to recognize potential accident triggers and take preventative action.

driving school

Attending a driving lesson is a good way to learn about traffic signs, road safety, and other related topics.

By observing traffic laws, you not only avoid accidents but also the inconvenience that comes with breaking them.

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Finally, it is much safer to practice driving with a driving instructor than to learn to drive on your own.

To save money on driving school fees, you don’t want to put your life and safety at risk by practicing alone.

5. Learn Car Maintenance

Most new car owners have no idea how to care for their brand-new four-wheeled child.

What should you check before driving the vehicle? How frequently should the oil be changed? How can you tell if the engine has a problem?

The topics covered in formal driving lessons include these and other issues.

Training for driving lessons includes modules on vehicle repair and maintenance to help you make sure your car won’t have issues while you’re driving.

6. Prevent Damage to Your New Car

Students can practice driving in the training vehicles that driving schools provide for them.

driving school

While you are learning to drive as a new driver, your brand-new car won’t get dings or scratches.

7. Get Help with Your Driver’s License Application

The assistance you receive when you apply for a driver’s license is one important benefit of taking driving lessons.

The majority of driving schools lend their students’ cars while they are sitting for a practical driving test at the LTO office.

There is no need to rent an LTO vehicle or bring your own vehicle to the exam.

Additionally, as part of their services, schools like A1 Driving School provide help with obtaining a student permit and a driver’s license.

8. Gain Confidence on the Road

Any driver must possess confidence. Without it, you’re prone to becoming frozen, hesitating, or making rash decisions that may result in mishaps.

You can drive with confidence in any situation thanks to the training you received in driving school. You receive guidance on what to do in emergencies like car trouble. Professional training also boosts a driver’s self-assurance.

Driving Schools in the Philippines Accredited by the LTO

driving school

1. A-1 Driving School

A-1 Driving School is a well-known brand among driving schools in the Philippines thanks to its more than 60 locations across the country.

A-1 provides nine different types of driving lessons, each of which is tailored to the individual needs of the student.

While the Executive Course picks the student up and drops them off at their preferred location, A-1’s Premium Course allows students to begin and end their training in a registered branch using the training vehicle of their choice.

On the other hand, the Rush Course requires five to eight hours of nonstop driving.

A-1 Driving School Prices and Courses Offered:

Courses OfferedPrices
Premium CourseStarts at ₱5,400
Executive CourseStarts at ₱9,000
Rush CourseStarts at ₱6,600
Online Theoretical Driving Course₱2,300
Classroom Theoretical Driving Course₱2,300
Training Center CourseStarts at ₱4,000
Fleet Driver's Training and AssessmentFor Inquiry
Driver's Education 101For Inquiry

Official Website: A-1 Driving School

Main Branch: A-1 Driving Building, 2 Sta. Lucia Street, Plainview, Mandaluyong City

Contact Numbers: (02) 532-2272 and (02) 532-7934

2. Honda Safety Driving Center

If you frequently travel on Skyway or the South Luzon Expressway, you may have noticed the Honda Safety Driving Center on Paranaque City’s East Service Road.

One of the driving schools in the Philippines that provides instruction in riding a motorcycle is HSDC.

For those with no or little prior riding or driving experience, they offer driving lessons.

Honda Safety Driving Center – Courses Offered:

Courses Offered
Basic Safety Riding Course
Basic Safety Driving Course
Motorcycle Intermediate Course
Automobile Intermediate Course
Motorcycle Skills Certification
Automobile Skills
Truck Skills Certification
Fleet Safety Riding Clinic
Fleet Safety Driving Clinic

The level of experience of the student determines the cost of every course at the Honda Safety Driving Center.

Official Website: Honda Safety Driving Center

Main Branch: KM 17, East Service Road, South Superhighway, Parañaque City

Contact Numbers: (02) 7581-6714 / (02) 8756-7323

3. Precision Driving School

The Marikina City-based Precision Driving School only needs four hours of driving lessons per day (for practical driving courses) and eight hours (for theoretical courses) to ensure that students get the best education possible.

It also has branches in Katipunan, Rizal, Pasig, and Angeles. Online enrollment and payment are both options for students.

Precision Driving School Prices and Courses Offered:

Courses OfferedPrices
Beginner (20 hours practical driving course)Starts at ₱10,000
Intermediate (15 hours of practical driving course)Starts at ₱7,250
Refresher (8 hours practical driving course)Starts at ₱4,400
15-hour Theoretical Driving Course₱1,800
8-hour Comprehensive Drivers’ Education (CDE)₱999

Official Website: Precision Driving School

Main Branch: #14 Stallion Street, Rancho Estate 1, Marikina City, Philippines, 1811

Contact Numbers: (02) 83623851 or 0949-5606508 for Smart and 0916-2691909 for Globe

4. Prestige Driving School

In addition to providing driving lessons, Prestige Driving School also conducts driving evaluations for both private individuals and businesses.

The cost of driving school varies depending on the student’s level of experience and the number of hours per day, from ₱2,199 to ₱34,999.

For student, non-professional, professional, and international licenses, Prestige additionally provides free licensing assistance.

Prestige Driving School Prices and Courses Offered:

Courses OfferedPrices
Manual CourseStarts at ₱2,199 for remedial, ₱4,399 for a refresher and ₱8,799 for beginner
Automatic CourseStarts at ₱3,499 for remedial, ₱6,999 for a refresher and ₱13,999 for beginner
Sedan Dual CourseStarts at ₱3,999 for remedial, ₱6,599 for a refresher and ₱13,9199 for beginner
Innova Manual CourseStarts at ₱3,499 for remedial, ₱6,999 for a refresher and ₱13,999 for beginner
Driving assessment with the test result and certificate₱500

Official Website: Prestige Driving School

Branches: Espana, Legarda, Tayuman, Tutuban Center, Makati, Ali Mall, Pasig

Contact Numbers: 09173012132 or (02) 721-89496

5. Smart Driving School

For those who want to learn advanced driving techniques for vehicles like the Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Montero, Toyota Innova, Toyota Hi-Lux, and other MPVs and SUVs, Smart Driving School is one of the driving schools in the Philippines that offers Executive, Masteral, and Masteral Executive Courses.

Smart Driving School Prices and Courses Offered:

Courses OfferedPrices
Manual CourseStarts at ₱4,400 until ₱7,680
Automatic CourseStarts at ₱8,800 until ₱12,800
Theoretical Driving Course₱2,050
Executive CourseStarts at ₱8,800 until ₱15,200
Masteral CourseStarts at ₱19,800 until ₱57,000
Masteral Executive CourseStarts at ₱30,000 until ₱52,500

Official Website: Smart Driving School

Branches: Manila, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Paranaque, Marikina, Cavite, Rizal, Laguna, Cebu, Nueva Ecija.

For a complete list of branches, visit this link: Smart Driving School Branches

Contact Numbers: (02) 534-7152 / 0906 9754546 / 0949 1808072

6. Socialites Driving School

One of the first driving schools in the Philippines was Socialites Driving School, which opened its doors in 1969.

The duration and day of the lesson determine their rates. Make your driving school reservation on a weekday for a lower rate. Additionally, they offer lessons at home.

Socialites Driving School Prices and Courses Offered:

Courses OfferedPrices
Practical Driving Course (Manual, 4-Wheels)Starts at ₱4,000
Theoretical Driving Course Online₱2,050 (₱1,950 for face-to-face)

Official Facebook page: Socialites Driving School

Main Branch: 51 Maria Clara St, Santa Mesa Heights, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila with branches in Marikina, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Makati, Quezon City, Manila, Rizal, Las Pinas, Malabon, and Valenzuela

Contact Number: (02) 8741 7185

7. Universal Driving School

Other driving schools bill their students by the hour, but Universal Driving School set itself apart by billing clients by the day.

The Makati City-based Universal Driving School provides defensive driving instruction, fundamental auto repair, and lectures on traffic laws and regulations for both novice and experienced drivers.

Universal Driving School Prices and Courses Offered:

Courses OfferedPrices
Beginner’s Course (for 10 days)Starts at ₱4,800
Beginners Course (for 15 days)Starts at ₱7,200
Refresher Course (for 5 days)Starts at ₱2,500
Refresher Course (for 7 days)Starts at ₱3,400

Official Facebook page: Universal Driving School

Main Branch: Block 128, Lot 23, 31st Avenue cor JP Rizal Extension East Rembo, Makati City

Contact Number: 0917 657 9619

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Final Thoughts

The advantages of taking driving lessons in the Philippines outweigh the cost as a disadvantage.

Yes, learning independently or with family or friends could result in greater financial savings.

But you should never skimp on safeguarding your own life as well as the lives of your loved ones.


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