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Are you planning to take the drivers license exam? Learn how to take and pass the LTO exam in the Philippines.

You can’t help but wonder if every driver in the millions of cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles that are on the Philippine roads every day has a valid driver’s license.

As evidenced by their kamote behavior and refusal to yield to other motorists or even pedestrians, it is simple to conclude that many of them may be illegal drivers.

Naturally, you don’t want to be that driver—not just because you don’t want your reputation to be ruined, but also because you’re a considerate person who cares about everyone’s safety.

If you practice this virtue, make sure that the Land Transportation Office (LTO), which is ultimately represented by your driver’s license, has properly endorsed your driving. You must first pass the LTO exam in order for that to take place.

However, the knowledge you’ll pick up along the way will be useful in many driving situations more so than just passing the test.

Check out this manual to see if it can improve your chances of passing the LTO exam.

Additionally, we’ve included a brief introduction to the LTO’s Comprehensive Education Program in case you’re renewing your license (CDEP).

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Drivers License Exam – LTO Written Exam Guide

What Happens During the LTO Written Exam?

After having your photo taken, making a digital signature, and paying the required fees during the driver’s license application process, the next step is to take the written test.

There are 60 multiple-choice questions on the LTO written exam.

Through its website, the LTO has made an LTO exam reviewer available to the general public.

The LTO has been instructed by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) to offer the driver’s license exam in additional regional languages in addition to English and Filipino in order to increase accessibility.

You can select the dialect you are most comfortable with and able to understand to take the test in this way.

The written exam for driver’s license applicants has the following categories:

  • General driving knowledge
  • Parking
  • Driving Emergencies
  • Handling and driving
  • Road signs and lane markings
  • Road position
  • Violations and penalties

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What is the Passing Score in LTO Written Exam?

To pass the written test at the LTO office for a driver’s license, you must select 48 out of 60 accurate answers.

drivers license exam

Passing candidates will be called and instructed to report to the waiting area in order to proceed to the practical driving test.

How to Pass the LTO Written Exam

Here are a few helpful tips to help you ace the written exam.

  • Enroll in a Driving School

It is advisable to receive thorough instruction through scheduled driving lessons prior to applying for a driver’s license.

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Verify that the driving school you choose is reputable and accredited. It is simple to check with the LTO.

  • Study the LTO Exam Reviewer Online

drivers license exam

The Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) website, also known as the LTO online portal, is the best place to start for those who want to submit an application for a driver’s license.

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The LTMS assists drivers in managing and keeping track of all LTO-related activities, including obtaining a student permit, and a driver’s license, updating personal information, using the driver reviewer, and more.

Both professional (for heavy and light vehicles) and non-professional drivers can study for the LTO exam.

A survey for conductors, a practice test in Tagalog, and a guide to traffic signs and pavement markings are also included.

How to Access LTO Exam Reviewers and E-Learning Modules

On the LTO online portal, you can view the e-learning materials, which cover topics like safe driving practices, driver responsibilities, and basic driving techniques.

You can begin reviewing the topics for your LTO exam even if you aren’t logged in to the LTMS.

You can use these online study aids to prepare for the written or theoretical exam.

The mock exam in the module is also timed, which is a clever addition that will help you manage the time constraint.

3 steps to access LTO exam reviewers on the LTO portal:

  1. Visit the LTMS portal
  2. Once you’re on the homepage click the E-Learning tab. The dropdown menu will show you different links to different materials relevant to your goal, such as the following:
  • Driver’s Renewal Course
  • Comprehensive Driver’s Education Online Exam
  • LTO Client ID Tutorial
  • Driver’s Manual
    • Licensing Information
    • Getting Ready to Drive
    • Driving Fundamentals
    • Road Courtesy and Safety
    • Rights Duties and Responsibilities of Drivers
    • Motor Vehicle Registration
    • Land Transportation-Related Laws
    • Fines and Penalties for Violations

3. Click the relevant link, and you’re good to go.

drivers license exam

What to Review for the LTO Exam: 3 Areas to Focus on

If you believe there is too much information to review on the LTO portal given the limited time available, concentrate on the following subjects to avoid becoming overwhelmed and ensure you cover the essentials:

  • General information about driving – Watch the video about defensive driving, how to do it with proper techniques, road safety, stress management, and handling your car on the road during emergencies.
  • Information on road rules – Remember the traffic signs, signals, and pavement markings. You must know the meaning of the regulatory signs such as no U-turn, no right turn, or left turn. Regulatory signs and road rules won’t only save your life while driving but also help you pass the exam.
  • Rights, responsibilities, and duties of drivers – Review the rights of drivers when apprehended, responsibilities as a driver while on the road such as making sure that your vehicle’s documents and registration are up-to-date, common violations that cause traffic, and driver’s apprehension.

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These are just a few of the subjects you should study, but you never know what will be on the exam, so be ready in advance.

LTO Practical Driving Exam Guide

What Happens During the Practical Driving Test?

The actual practical test takes less time than the subsequent step in obtaining a driver’s license (about 5 minutes, or longer, depending on the driver).

On an obstacle course, which entails driving straight on an elevated, flat road, parking, and making tight turns, you only need to complete one round.

You have the option of taking the practical test in a car owned by you, an LTO vehicle, or one provided by your driving school.

What is the Practical Exam Scoring System?

The instructor will grade you during the practical driving test using a demerit point system. With 100 points as a starting point.

The examiner subtracts a certain number of points from your final score for each mistake you make and records them on a score sheet for the road test.

3 Criteria for Practical Exam Scoring

1. Pre-driving check-up (Total of 10 points)
  • Checking tires and batteries
  • Checking/cleaning/adjusting mirrors, lights, and windshield wiper
  • Use of seat belt or helmet
  • Checking hand and foot brake
  • Disengaging clutch when starting the engine
2. Driving skills (Total of 50 points)
  • Steering
  • Engine control
  • Use of brakes
  • Speed control
  • Turning
  • Backing
  • Parking
3. Observance of traffic rules (Total of 40 points)
  • Right of way to other vehicles
  • Stop lights, signals, and other
  • Right of way (for other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.)

What is the Passing Score in LTO Driving Exam?

The examiner will give you feedback and your test results once you’re finished. You must receive a score of at least 70 to pass the practical driving test.

How to Pass the LTO Practical Exam

Here are some tips for raising your chances of passing the practical exam.

drivers license exam

  • Practice Driving

By practicing frequently, you can ace your practical exam. Before you begin your practice driving, review the “Road Test Score Sheet” page on the LTO Application for Driver’s License form at the back to better prepare for the real exam.

Try out different driving scenarios, like lane changes, parking in different spots, and driving down narrow streets. Practice making a proper U-turn and lane change as well.

  • Bring Your Own Car

Even though driving your car to the local LTO office might be a hassle due to potential parking problems, it might help you pass the practical exam. Driving a car you are accustomed to and at ease with is simpler.

Remember that you will need to rent an LTO vehicle if you don’t have your own car or motorcycle with you.

Given that you are unfamiliar with the controls and navigation of the vehicle LTO will provide you, this could work against you.

  • Ask for Firsthand Advice

Do you know anyone who recently passed the LTO exams—a friend or family member?

To prepare for your time behind the wheel at the testing facility, you can ask them about their experiences. They might even give you some useful advice.

LTO Comprehensive Driver’s Education Guide

The Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) program, which consists of a refresher seminar and an exam to ensure that only deserving applicants who have sufficient driving skills are knowledgeable of road safety, and exhibit proper road etiquette, will have their licenses renewed, must be passed by motorists who wish to renew their expired driver’s licenses.

The CDE will last a maximum of five hours. The LTO Driver’s Education Centers (DECs) offer the course without charge.

Additionally, LTO-accredited driving schools offer the CDE for a fee. However, the LTO also offers the seminar online through the LTMS Portal.

Visit the LTO’s LTMS portal, select E-Learning, and then select Driver’s License Renewal Course to access the course.

Being able to watch the videos at your own pace is a benefit of taking the CDE seminar.

You must take the CDE Online Validation Exam after the CDE seminar, which is another LTO test.

If you successfully complete the aforementioned LTO exam online, you will receive a certificate that you must present to the LTO when renewing your license.

How to Take the CDE Online Validation Exam

drivers license exam

The new LTO exam online is quite simple, despite the seminar’s length and the volume of materials to review. There are 25 questions on the test, and 13 correct answers, or 50%, are all that are needed to pass.

Both holders of professional and non-professional licenses must achieve this passing score.

The LTMS portal of the LTO must be used to take the CDE exam online.

To take the online validation exam, you must have an account on the LTMS portal. Here’s a simple walkthrough of the CDE exam:

  1. Visit the LTO’s LTMS portal.
  2. Click the E-Learning tab. On the dropdown menu, click CDE Online Validation Exam.
  3. If you have an LTMS portal account, click Log In. Otherwise, click Register Now.
  4. Take the multiple-choice exam.
  5. At the end of the exam, you’ll get your result. If you pass the exam, a prompt will tell you that you can print your CDE certificate right there and then. Nevertheless, the CDE certificate will also be sent to your email address.

There is no time limit for answering the questions on the CDE Online Validation Exam, which is fantastic.

However, the exam depends on the honesty of the candidates, so no kodigos, please! Read the LTO exam reviewer carefully. Your integrity is at stake, after all.

A number of questions on driving cars and a few on operating motorcycles make up the CDE exam.

Therefore, driving both of them would give you an advantage and possibly allow you to achieve a perfect score.

I’ve Passed the CDE Online Validation Exam for Renewal. What Should I Do?

drivers license exam

It is much simpler to renew your driver’s license than it is to apply for one for the first time.

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This certificate must be presented when renewing your driver’s license.

If not, you will still be required to take the online validation exam and provide the results to the person in charge of your renewal, even if you visit the branch for your renewal.

Take the exam before going to the LTO branch to save time and quicken the renewal process for your driver’s license.

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I Failed the CDE Online Validation Exam. What Now?

If you don’t pass the new LTO online exam, there is nothing to be concerned about. Until you succeed on the test, you can retake it.

The LTO reports that your license’s validity will be extended by two months if you’re concerned about its status while studying for the CDE Online Validation Exam.

What to Do During the LTO Exam

  • Choose Your Preferred Language

You have the option of taking the written test in English or Filipino. Pick the option that you can comprehend the best.

Take a look at the LTO exam reviewer’s English and Tagalog questionnaires to get a sense of the differences between the two languages.

  • Listen Carefully to the Guidelines

The examiner will undoubtedly offer some advice, whether it be for the written or practical test.

Be sure to pay close attention and take notes if necessary so that you don’t miss any of these important details.

  • Read the Questions and Situations Carefully

Many of the questions will relate to various situations and scenarios on the road.

Read and comprehend every situation carefully in order to provide accurate and fitting responses.

Above all, never cram for the written test.

After all, the objective is to receive as many accurate responses as you can, not to complete the exam in the shortest amount of time.

  • Be Calm While on the Road

When you’re in a panic, you might forget to do something as simple as buckle your seatbelt before you start driving. Just unwind and maintain your composure.

  • Avoid Conditions That Will Cause You to Automatically Fail

These consist of running into another vehicle, a pedestrian, the gutter, or any other stationary object.

Failure to pass the test will also result from any actions that result in a collision or near-collision with another vehicle.

LTO Exam Frequently Asked Questions

When you take your LTO exam, a variety of situations could happen, from you failing the test to new regulations being put in place.

drivers license exam

You may find the answers to your questions about these topics in this section.

1. What happens if you fail an LTO exam?

An applicant for a driver’s license may retake the LTO exam as early as the following working day or whenever it suits them after failing one or both of the writing and practical exams.

If you fail the exam on your second try, you are prohibited from taking it again and applying for a license within a year.

Finally, you will need to wait two years before you can retake the LTO exams and reapply for a license if you fail them on your third attempt.

Here are some actions you must take if you truly want to succeed on your second try:

  • Remember all the possible mistakes that you committed on your first try.
  • Go over the exam reviewer.
  • If you fail the practical driving test, practice driving more. Be more observant of the common traffic and pedestrian signs.
  • On your next attempt, bring your own car since you’re more comfortable with it.
  • Finally, make sure that you check with the LTO regarding the test guidelines. This is because the rules may change without prior notice, and it pays to get a head start before the actual exam.

2. Are student permit applicants required to take the written exam?

Yes. To obtain a student driver’s license, you must complete a formal training program (a 15-hour seminar spread over three days), pass a written or theoretical test, and enroll in a practical driving course at a driving school with LTO accreditation.

Each of the four training modules has a corresponding theoretical exam. The same policy is in effect for those requesting a New Driver’s License and Additional Restriction Code.

You will receive a Theoretical Driving Course certificate of completion after passing the exams, which is one of the conditions for obtaining a student driver’s license in the Philippines.

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3. Am I required to take the exam if I convert my foreign driver’s license into a Philippine license?

If your foreign driver’s license is still in good standing, you can get a Philippine driver’s license without taking the LTO test. However, you’ll have to take the written and practical tests if your foreign driver’s license is no longer valid.

4. I want to change my maiden name to my married name on my driver’s license. What do I need to do?

You must bring both your driver’s license and an original copy of your marriage certificate, which was issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority if you want a legal ID with your married name.

You must visit the LTO branch because you need to update both your name and your biometric information.

5. Can I take the LTO exam online?

The CDE exam, which can be accessed on the LTMS portal and is offered in English or Filipino, is the only obligatory LTO exam that can be taken online.

The reviewer’s materials are also available for free on-demand viewing. If you’re applying for a license, you can also use the information as a reviewer for the theoretical driving course.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! You now know more about what to anticipate from the LTO written and practical exams.

The LTO exam will undoubtedly bring back memories of your school tests. You might even experience a sense of testing for a college.

You should resist the pressure, though.

All of this is a process that will make you a responsible driver and get you ready for the open road.

We sincerely hope that this guide has been useful to you, and we wish you the best of luck as you get ready for your driver’s license test.

Do plenty of practice exams before taking the real thing because, as they say, practice makes perfect. Most importantly, keep to the right on the road.

What happens if you fail then? Always give yourself a second or third chance. If that occurs, you won’t be starting from scratch this time, at least.


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