Updated on September 25, 2022


The Legendary Nokia 3310 is Back! Nokia, the Philippines’ favorite, launches the legendary Nokia 3310, which includes the snake game.

The updated phone, known for its indestructibility and long battery life, will be a serious competitor to many other smartphones.

The Nokia 3310 is noticeably thinner than its predecessor, thanks to a more rounded and compact design.

It also features a 2.4-inch QVGA color screen and a megapixel camera, as well as other features.

Because of the Nokia 3310’s low power consumption, it can provide more than 22.1 hours of talk time and nearly 31 days of standby time, which is truly remarkable.

Fans of the previous legendary model of Nokia’s 3310 will be overjoyed to learn that the new model includes an update of the wildly popular snake game, which was previously only available on the Nokia 3310.

In addition, a microSD card slot will be added to the quirky smartphone’s design.

Nokia 3310 Features

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The iconic rounded shape has been modernized

It has been updated to reflect the year 2017 while still maintaining the iconic design of the original Nokia 3310.

Its custom-designed user interface gives a contemporary twist to a classic design, and the curved 2.4-inch-diameter screen window improves readability in bright sunlight.

Boundless battery

When was the last time you were able to leave the house without a charger? You can, however, do so with the new Nokia 3310.

Thanks to the long-lasting battery, you can talk on the phone all day or leave it on standby for up to a month without charging.

When charging is required, a Micro-USB port makes the process simple.

Snake around

Take control of the legendary Snake. It’s back with a minor update that makes playing on the color screen even more enjoyable.

Do you recall your previous high score? Consider yourself victorious.

Four great shades to choose from

A vital feature of the Nokia 3310 is that it is designed to complement your style. Red and Yellow have a gloss finish, while Blue and Grey have a matte finish.

Furthermore, the color is consistent throughout the material, allowing it to retain its appearance for an extended period.

Nokia 3310 Dual SIM

  • Outside
    • Beautiful push buttons, as well as an iconic-looking shape.
    • You can listen to your music through the headphone jack.
    • 2.4-inch curved window with a polarized layer for improved readability in bright light.
    • Simple snapshots can be taken with a 2 MP camera with LED flash.
    • It is available in both single SIM and dual SIM variants.
  • Inside
    • For calling and texting, 2G connectivity.
    • The User Interface(UI) has been completely redesigned with nods to the original.
    • With up to 22 hours of talk time, the battery life is exceptional.
    • Music is provided by an FM radio and an MP3 player.
    • 16 MB of onboard storage(ROM) and a MicroSD card slot that supports up to 32 GB.

Nokia 3310 Specifications

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  • Display
    • Size
      • 2.4 inch
    • Resolution
      • QVGA
  • Imaging
      • Rear camera
        • 2 MP Main Camera
      • Rear flash LED


  • Performance
    • Play-time
      • 51 hours
    • Standby-time
      • 31 days
    • Talk-time
      • 22.1 hours
  • Connectivity
      • Bluetooth
        • 3.0
      • Headphone jack
        • 3.5 mm
      • USB connection
        • Micro USB (USB 2.0)
  • Battery
      • Li-Ion 1200 mAh, Removable
  • Memory & storage
    • ROM
      • 16 MB
    • MicroSD card slot that supports up to 32 GB
  • Operating System(OS)
      • Nokia Series 30+
  • Audio
    • FM Radio (Headset required)
  • Networks
    • Max network speed
      • 2G
    • Network bands (GSM)
      • 900/1800 MHz
  • Dimensions
    • Height
      • 12.8 mm
    • Length
      • 115.6 mm
    • Width
      • 51 mm
  • In The Box
    • Nokia 3310
    • Micro USB Charger
    • Removable Battery
    • Quick Start Guide
  • Color
    • Red (Glossy)
    • Yellow (Glossy)
    • Blue (Matte)
    • Grey (Matte)
  • Price(approx. $51.94)
    • ₱1,294

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