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lto drivers license

Say no to Fixers’ LTO Drivers License Assistance and instead do these – Do you want to know the quickest way to obtain a lto drivers license in the Philippines?

Never do business with a fixer at the Land Transportation Office, first and foremost (LTO). The temptation to hire someone to finish your lto drivers license application quickly is real.

However, it may cost you two to four times as much to do it illegally.

In addition, if your lto drivers license is discovered to be a fake, you will be fined and will be prohibited from obtaining a legitimate lto drivers license for two years.

In the Philippines, there is no shortcut to legally applying for a lto drivers license. Expect long lines, slow service, and many frustrating circumstances, just like with other government transactions.

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Even if it means taking a day off from work, you’ll need to dedicate an entire day to your lto drivers license application.

The process of obtaining your lto drivers license, however, might only take 3 to 4 hours, or even less, with sufficient preparation and a few tricks, barring any LTO IT or system errors.

LTO Drivers License Assistance Tips So You Won’t Have to Deal with Fixers

Here are some things you can do in advance to speed up and save time on your application.

The fact that you won’t need any kind of lto drivers license assistance from fixers is even more important.

1. Secure a Medical Certificate in Advance

You cannot avoid having a physical because it is a requirement for obtaining a lto drivers license.

Previously, candidates had to complete a medical examination on the day of lto drivers license application at one of the government hospitals or clinics close to the LTO office that had been accredited by the LTO.

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These facilities occasionally weren’t available or were closed.

It’s good to know that the LTO now recognizes medical certifications from any duly accredited physician in active practice, allowing for quicker lto drivers license issuance.

Take a medical examination at least one day up to 15 days prior to requesting a license to expedite the process.

Medical certificates issued within 15 days of applying for a driver’s license are accepted by LTO.

A copy of the medical certificate is available for download from the LTO website. Make sure the following details are on your medical certificate:

  • Physician’s name, address, Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) number, and Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) number
  • Confirmation that you’re mentally and physically fit for driving, able to see and hear clearly, and drug-free

2. Complete Your Documents

lto drivers license

Before visiting an LTO branch, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork ready to expedite the process of getting a driver’s license.

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Depending on the class of license you intend to apply for, LTO license requirements may change.

By following the link provided below this article, you can see what is required.

  • Student Permit
  • Non-Professional Driver’s License
  • Professional Driver’s License

Setting aside a week or more to gather all the necessary documents for a driver’s license may be necessary.

3. Study and Review the Driving Courses

To be eligible for a student permit, applicants must successfully complete a 15-hour theoretical driving course.

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The good news is that you can begin reviewing and studying driving basics via the LTMS online portal.

To get a sense of what will be on the exams, look through the e-learning resources there.

Even people who are applying for renewals must brush up on their knowledge and take the CDE online validation exam.

4. Practice Driving Before Applying for a License

You can obtain your driver’s license more quickly if you prepare thoroughly.

In order to pass the practical exam during your application at the LTO office, this includes practicing driving in your own vehicle.

You’ll become more accustomed to standard driving procedures as a result.

Time is wasted if you fail the LTO exams because you won’t get a license. You won’t be able to submit an application for a license within a year if you fail one of the tests twice.

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You won’t be able to obtain a license for the following two years if you fail the exam three times.

Aside from driving practice, be aware of the situations that guarantee failure on the practical exam: colliding with another car or a gutter, and taking improper actions that result in a collision.

Additionally, pay close attention to the instructions given to you prior to the practical driving test.

5. Bring Enough Cash for the Driver’s License Fees

Be aware of the required payment amount for the driver’s license fees. Your application will take longer if you have to wait in line at the closest ATM because you didn’t bring enough cash.

lto drivers license

Bringing loose change in place of ₱1,000 or ₱500 bills is also beneficial.

Paying in full will help you obtain your driver’s license more quickly because you’ll be paying several fees to various cashiers. Know the precise costs up front:

New Student Permit Fees (Total: ₱317.63)

  • Application Fee: ₱100
  • Computer Fee: ₱67.63
  • Student Permit Fee: ₱150

New Professional/Non-Professional Driver’s License Fees (Total: ₱820.26)

  • Application Fee: ₱100
  • Computer Fee: ₱67.63
  • License Fee: ₱585
  • Computer Fee: ₱67.63

Other Fees

  • Medical Exam: ₱350 to ​​₱500
  • Car Rental for Driving Test: ₱250

6. Dress Appropriately

Driver’s license applicants must be “clean, neat, and presentable” for the purposes of the examination and photo.

You cannot, therefore, simply wear a slipper, a sleeveless undershirt (for men), and sports shorts.

To avoid problems and holdups with your driver’s license application, adhere to the dress code.

7. Bring Snacks and Drinking Water

Bring enough baon so that while you’re waiting in line for your turn, you won’t go hungry or thirsty.

By doing this, you will avoid having to skip your place in line and leave the LTO office in order to buy snacks or water.

lto drivers license

You may request that the person in line behind you hold your place. But what if you’re outside purchasing food and you hear your name called?

So while you’re in line, you should have your food and beverages ready.

8. Avoid Parking Problems

Which is preferable, bringing your car or leaving it at home? Depending on your top priorities.

There isn’t much parking available at most LTO branches, so it might take some time for you to find a spot elsewhere.

Driving yourself or having a friend or family member drop you off will be preferable if you want to obtain your driver’s license more quickly.

On the other hand, bringing your own vehicle with you to the driver’s license office may increase your likelihood of passing the driving test.

You won’t need to adjust and be anxious because you are already accustomed to and at ease in your car.

Additionally, you won’t have to pay more than ₱200 to rent a car at the LTO office.

9. Come Early to the LTO Office

Every day, especially during busy times and days, LTO offices are slammed with people applying for driver’s licenses, just like any other government office.

lto drivers license

But by strategically choosing the time and day of your arrival at the LTO office, you can avoid long lines.

Come as early as 7 a.m. to be among the first in line. (or even earlier) If your schedule permits, visit the LTO office on a day when there are fewer customers (usually from Tuesday to Thursday.)

10. Follow the Steps to Applying for a Driver’s License

lto drivers license

Avoid any delays by being prepared for the driver’s license application process. Before you apply for a driver’s license, you should be aware of the following fundamental procedures:

  1. Submit your accomplished ADL form and supporting documents to the assigned window.
  2. Have your photo and signature taken.
  3. Pay the corresponding fee to the cashier.
  4. Take the written examination.
  5. Take the practical driving test.
  6. Pay the corresponding fee to the cashier.
  7. Wait for your name to be called for the release of the official receipt and driver’s license card.

Avoid wasting time in line at the incorrect window. In order to know which window to use for each step of the application process, check with the LTO staff.

You can register on the website and select the kind of license you want to apply for since LTO has made the LTO online portal available to everyone.

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Once you provide your personal information and register for an account, the online portal will guide you through the process.

After that, you’ll get an email with information about your online registration.

You can then activate your account and finish the online application.

You will only need to complete the biometrics and photo-taking at the LTO branch on the day of your appointment, which will expedite the application process.

11. Don’t Deal with Fixers

The LTMS Online Portal, which is a one-stop shop for all LTO-related transactions and activities, has made the process of applying for a lto drivers license much simpler and quicker in recent years.

Although the LTO system has gone digital, there are still fixers who promise to ‘expedite’ the application for a lto drivers license and are now advertising their services online. Obviously with a price on the tag.

Who are These LTO Fixers?

These fixers would swarm outside the LTO branch doors in the days before the pandemic, looking for gullible first-time applicants.

For a fee, they promise quick transactions and help with obtaining a lto drivers license. They assert that they can facilitate the application because of their connections at the LTO office.

These days, they advertise their lto drivers assistance services on Facebook groups in an effort to victimize applicants.

These online fixers might also pose as LTO employees and promise to get you your lto drivers even if you don’t show up for the transaction.

How Much Do LTO Fixers Charge?

Typically, these online fixers provide a package deal to obtain a lto drivers license. However, after you pay them up front, they either issue a fake lto drivers license or, worse yet, disappear.

These fixers offer you a no-show transaction for about ₱4,300. The processing of your student permit, medical exam, and the theoretical driving course will all be completed in one day.

Some online fixers charge between ₱3,500 and ₱6,000 for their lto drivers license assistance services while also creating Facebook fan pages.

LTO has already warned people not to do business with these con artists.

What Happens If You Transact with Online Fixers?

According to LTO, these fixers issue fake and ineligible lto drivers licenses and student permits.

You’ll be punished if you’re found using a fake ID, whether you did it on purpose or not.

You’ll pay much more to use a fake student permit or lto drivers license than you would to fill out the application in person without fixers.

If you use a fake ID, you must pay a fine of ₱3,000 and be disqualified for a year. The worst-case scenario for falsifying documents is up to six years in prison.

How to Spot an Illegitimate LTO Online Fixer

  • Promises of hassle-free transactions – They are probably trying to con you if they guarantee hassle-free and unrealistically inexpensive transactions. There is no need to work with fixers for this because LTO has already digitalized the application process. You can visit any satellite branch whenever you like as long as you complete the LTMS portal’s online application form.
  • The most money that these online fixers and scammers could demand in an upfront payment is about ₱6,500. Typically, they offer packages and request payment be transferred using online banking or another payment method. You only have to pay for your license or permit when you conduct business at an LTO branch. If you do it the right way, you’ll only spend less than ₱1,000.
  • Offers “No Show” Transaction – It is impossible to obtain a permit or driver’s license ID without providing your biometrics and a professional headshot. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a scam if an online fixer tells you that you can obtain a permit without going to a branch.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Drivers License?

It will only take a few hours for new applicants to complete the process at the LTO branch if they arrive with all of their required paperwork.

Additionally, if you are renewing, it will take less than an hour. If you get up early, this is frequently true.

Otherwise, be prepared to spend a lot of time there during peak hours, especially if it’s a busy branch.

If you arrive early in the morning or outside of peak hours, you can expect to receive your permit via the special lane in about an hour or less if you are a PWD, pregnant woman, or senior citizen.

You’ll typically receive your driver’s license the same day.

I Got Scammed By an Online Fixer. What Should I Do?

Report online fixers on the official LTO Facebook page if you come across any. Once they have your money, which they represent as a processing fee, scammers will probably block you.

It’s unlikely that you will be able to get your money back because they might even delete the post or account they used to contact you.

Final Thoughts

Remember that you don’t require any driver’s license assistance when it comes time to apply for your license.

You should have no trouble finishing everything if you simply adhere to the advice given above.

Don’t forget to dress appropriately, bring enough cash for the fees, and arrive early at the LTO office to beat the crowds.

And if you encounter any difficulties along the way, don’t be hesitant to seek help. Just make sure you only conduct business inside LTO branches with authorized LTO staff.

Thankfully, the LTO’s online system has made it simpler and faster for Filipinos to obtain a lto drivers license.

In addition to speeding up the application process, digitalizing the procedure as a whole has reduced the use of talahib, or “shortcuts,” such as hiring fixers to obtain a student permit or a lto drivers license.


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