Updated on October 26, 2022

List of Instant Cameras you can purchase online for less than 10,000 pesos

Instant cameras are an excellent way to document memorable moments with friends and family.

Accurate, smartphones make quick snapshots extremely convenient.

However, something extra special about holding a non-digital photograph in your hand and experiencing the small thrill of waiting a few seconds to see how your shot turns out.

And, of course, the novelty of having something tangible to share with friends or hang on the wall of your bedroom.

As such, we’ve compiled a list of the most recent models (release dates between 2019 and 2021) that are readily available in the Philippines for those in the market for instant cameras.

Consider which option best fits your needs – financially, functionally, and, of course, aesthetically.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 40

List of Instant cameras you can purchase online for less than ₱10,000

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 is an excellent choice for those looking for a more retro-styled instant camera.

While the Mini 40 shares the same mechanical design as the Instax Mini 11, it adopts a nostalgic aesthetic reminiscent of vintage instant film cameras.

It works with a variable shutter speed, an automatic flash, and an auto-exposure system that works in unison to create highly detailed and dynamic print images.

Additionally, it features an adjustable lens barrel, which makes it ideal for selfies.

Further, those on a budget will appreciate the Mini 40’s compatibility with Instax Mini film packs, one of the more affordable options on the market.

The Mini 40 adopts a straightforward point-and-shoot control.

While this is ideal for beginners and occasional hobbyists, it may disappoint photographers looking for more premium and flexible shooting modes.

The Mini 40’s oversimplified controls, on the other point, are a minor trade-off for the low price and sleek retro design.

₱4,949 on Shopee (body only)
₱5,149 on Shopee (body + 10 pcs Instax plain film)

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

List of Instant cameras you can purchase online for less than ₱10,000

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 11 instant film camera features a nearly toy-like design.

As with the Mini 40, the Mini 11 is an excellent choice for those looking for a simple point-and-shoot instant camera.

With its vibrant and fun colorways, the Mini 11 is exactly as it appears: charming.

Its straightforward controls and well-balanced auto exposure and flash system make it ideal for budding photographers and children.

Similarly, its use of Fujifilm’s more affordable film packs makes it an excellent option for those looking for novelty print images without breaking the bank.

₱3,990 on Shopee

Fujifilm Instax SQ1

List of Instant cameras you can purchase online for less than ₱10,000

Fujifilm’s Instax SQ1 is an excellent alternative for those looking for larger prints.

It is mechanically identical to the Mini 11 and Mini 40, but the photo size is significantly larger at 62mm x 62mm (square) – rather than the standard 62mm x 46mm film packs.

The Mini 11 and Mini 40 use auto exposure and auto flash to capture dynamic and detailed images reliably in moderately low light.

Additionally, it includes an adjustable barrel and an integrated mirror to make selfies more convenient.

It features a rugged grip for easy handling, neutral colorways, and a box-like design reminiscent of its photo prints.

However, it shares controls and functions with the Mini 11 and Mini 40; it lacks premium features such as advanced photo modes and customizable settings.

However, the program’s simple controls may make it ideal for beginners or those who prefer to avoid being overwhelmed by complicated photo manipulation.

₱6,164 on Shopee

Polaroid Go

List of Instant cameras you can purchase online for less than ₱10,000

The Polaroid Go is officially the world’s smallest analog instant camera, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand.

And the cherry on top? It uses Polaroid’s I-Type film, replicating the chemical development process of vintage Polaroid film cameras without the battery.

This new film produces more reminiscent of vintage instant cameras – with the added benefit of being fully developed within the camera in just 15 minutes.

The Polaroid Go’s core features include a self-timer and a double exposure mode, which are both welcome additions for those interested in practicing more advanced photo manipulation.

While it has more flexible photo modes, it retains the simplicity of hybrid point-and-shoot cameras, making it suitable for professionals and beginners alike.

₱7,899 on Shopee

Polaroid Now

List of Instant cameras you can purchase online for less than ₱10,000

In appearance, the Polaroid Now is comparable to the company’s popular OneStep 2 camera, but with the addition of autofocus capability.

In addition, while the Polaroid Now appears to be nearly identical to its predecessor at first glance, it has a more streamlined design with a refined viewfinder and control buttons than its predecessor.

It has also replaced the traditional LED lights of older Polaroid models with a more reliable digital counter shot counter, which is more reliable than the previous model.

When used in conjunction with Polaroid’s iconic I-Type film and a fixed-focus system, as well as a new autofocus mode, the Polaroid Now produces images that are more consistent and sharper than those taken with its predecessors.

The Polaroid Now is a fantastic option to consider for those looking for that distinct lo-fi look of vintage instant film cameras with a modern photo mode or two.

₱8,500 on Shopee

Kodak Smile Instant Digital Camera

List of Instant cameras you can purchase online for less than ₱10,000

The Kodak Smile Instant Digital Camera, released in 2019, utilizes Kodak’s Zink (zero ink) technology, effectively turning it into a miniature printer with a lens.

The camera is equipped with a relatively modest 5MP sensor that produces images that are quite vivid and vibrant despite their low resolution.

However, Kodak Smile’s real selling point is its ability to produce images with a more modern print quality than Instax and Polaroid’s vintage film style.

Additionally, it allows you to select which images to print and supports up to 256GB of microSD storage.

This means you can take as many photos as you want and still save money on film while keeping the images you want to stay digital.

₱3,980 on Shopee

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