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lol rank lol ranks league ranks highest rank in lol lol ranking system

➡ Have you ever wondered how League of Legends ranks players? Regarding the LoL ranks, we have all the details right here for you.

One of the most played online games is League of Legends. League of Legends had over 110 million active players in 2020 alone, proving that it is still quite popular despite being 10 years old and that new players are consistently creating accounts and joining.

As a result, there are many terms that new players who want to improve at League of Legends may not be familiar with, one of which is all the talk about LoL ranks.

How do you even move up the different tiers in League of Legends, also known as “elo hell,” and what is the ranking system that Riot Games created for the game?

Today, we’re going to investigate that.

What Does League of Legends “Ranking” Even Mean?

Ranked alludes to the League of Legends ranking system that players can select to play in.

Players can choose to participate in ranked matches under this system if their LoL account has reached level 30, which will determine their ranked tier.

League of Legends offers a variety of game modes, including ranked, normal, and ARAM.

League of Legends level 30 unlocks the ranked mode, which allows players to gain LP by competing in ranked matches.

Players’ LoL ranks won’t be impacted if they choose to play normal games or ARAM.

What League of Legends Ranks Are There?

In League of Legends, there are currently nine ranks. Each rank has a unique name and icon to represent it.

lol rank lol ranks league ranks highest rank in lol lol ranking system

In this way, LoL players can easily distinguish between their skill levels since those in the same rank and tier ought to be equally adept at the game.

The nine ranks that League of Legends currently offers are as follows:

9-ranks in League of Legends
✅ Iron
✅ Bronze
✅ Silver
✅ Gold
✅ Platinum
✅ Diamond
✅ Master
✅ Grandmaster
✅ Challenger

When Did the Iron Rank Debut in the League?

Iron is the lowest tier, where newbies usually begin their League of Legends careers. The tier was introduced by Riot Games in 2018 before Ranked Season 9.

Iron tier was included so that new players could see their gains more clearly.

As a result, if you’re a brand-new player just getting started, you’ll probably end up spending some time in the Iron rank, but this shouldn’t deter you.

You discover which LoL champion or role best fits you at this point.

Riot Games also implemented a new rank for players who made it out of the lower elos, which is thought to be anything below Diamond, at the same time as the Iron tier was introduced to League of Legends.

Grandmaster was additionally added in 2018 to further distinguish between Master and Challenger players due to the frequently excessive skill gaps between these two ranks.

LoL Challenger: What is it?

The top 300 or 200 players in each region are represented by the League of Legends rank of the challenger.

The eight prior LoL tiers must be completed to advance to Challenger rank.

Due to the difficult grind and the difficult losses, getting through those eight tiers in an attempt to reach Challenger will frequently feel like you are in elo hell.

lol rank lol ranks league ranks highest rank in lol lol ranking system

The majority of players won’t even make it to the Gold or Silver ranks, which are where there are the most people.

However, this elo ladder must be climbed to become a pro.

You must rank among the top 300 or 200 players in your area to be taken into consideration by professional teams if you hope to join their academy or even LEC/LCS roster.

In League of Legends, How do Ranks Work?

What is the LoL Tier and Division System?

League of Legends has nine tiers, as we already mentioned. Each LoL tier has four divisions, each of which is denoted by the roman numerals IV to I.

After reaching level 30, players can reach any rank. This means that before being allowed to play games on the ranked ladder, you must first play a significant number of games in which you gain sufficient game knowledge.

But in League of Legends, how do you advance through the ranks and divisions?

Well, Riot Games changed the procedure for moving between divisions as of Season 11. Moving between divisions no longer requires a player to win three of their last five games.

Players thus stand a greater chance of ranking up but also a greater chance of ranking down.

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Since players must play a best-of-five series rather than just a best-of-three series, moving between tiers is a little more difficult than moving between divisions.

However, it is anticipated to be a little more difficult than simply hopping between divisions because the players will be jumping from one rank to the next.

How Can I Get My First LoL Rank?

When a player reaches level 30 and chooses to play ranked on their League of Legends account, they are not immediately placed in Iron IV, the lowest tier and division in the game.

Instead, each player must finish provisional ranked games, also referred to as placement matches, for their official League of Legends rank to be determined.

lol rank lol ranks league ranks highest rank in lol lol ranking system

Therefore, some players with high skill levels might be assigned to Silver II after their placement matches are over without ever having visited Iron or Bronze.

Therefore, players must concentrate on their placement matches when beginning to play ranked games, especially for those of you who don’t want to battle through every rank before reaching the diamond tier.

What are League Points(LP)?

League Points, or LP for short, are what you’ll need to advance in the ranks. You can gain LP through game wins, but you can also lose LP through setbacks.

Don’t worry, we’ll get to that soon. The amount of LP you gain depends on your or your opponent’s MMR.

To gain LP and attempt to reach 100 LP, you should win as many games as you can while playing.

You’ll be able to participate in a promotion series once you reach 100 LP.

You must play a best-of-three series when switching between divisions within one tier, but you must play a best-of-five series when switching between ranks.

To put it all into perspective, imagine that you are in Platinum I and have finally acquired the necessary 100 LP.

Then, imagine that you enter a promotion series in which you must win 3 games to advance to the Diamond IV tier.

Your LP resets to 0 if you lose the promotion series, and you can start the ascent over in Platinum IV.

What is Matchmaking Rating(MMR)?

lol rank lol ranks league ranks highest rank in lol lol ranking system

A player’s matchmaking rating, or MMR, is a number that Riot assigns to them based on their level of expertise.

Additionally, it means that the more LP you gain when you defeat an opponent whose MMR is higher than yours and lower than your own.

A player’s MMR is determined by their skill level, so winning numerous consecutive games will raise their MMR and they will be matched in matches with other players who have a similar MMR.

As a result, even if you are in Silver II but have a high MMR, you might encounter or play against a Gold III opponent.

What is League of Legends Does Elo Mean?

Elo refers to the elo ranking system that was in use before the implementation of the current League system.

The skill level of players is determined by the elo system, which was initially developed for games like chess.

Elo is now a common abbreviation for League of Legends rank. As a result, when someone inquires about your League of Legends rank, they are asking what “elo” you are.

How Do the Ranks in Masters, Grandmasters, and Challengers Work?

Divisions exist for all ranks up to the Diamond tier, but once you reach the Master tier, they vanish.

This indicates that these tiers have a unique ranking system in which players advance based on their LP.

You will keep receiving LP after winning your promotion series and moving up to the Master tier.

Players will move up the ranked ladder from Master to Grandmaster and then Challenger as their LP increases.

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Every day, the system is reset, and players with higher LP gains can push players with lower LP out of the way.

Better transparency is produced at the highest League of Legends skill levels as a result.

The number of players in Challenger and Grandmaster is also limited.

For instance, the top 300 players in the region are found in the EUW Challenger, while 700 players are found in Grandmaster.

LP Decay: What is it?

So, if you’ve managed to put in the time and effort to reach the levels of Master, Grandmaster, or even Challenger, you’ll want to play against opponents.

lol rank lol ranks league ranks highest rank in lol lol ranking system

Riot implemented LP Decay, which refers to you automatically losing LP when you’ve allowed too many days to go by without a match in that queue because these tiers hold the fewest number of players.

How are Players Split Among the Various Ranks?

The majority of players are probably located in Silver and Gold.

Leagueofgraphs estimates that 36% of League of Legends players are in the Silver Tier and 29% are in the Gold Tier.

Higher tiers, where esports players typically reside, like Challenger, have a much smaller share of players.

These are the player base’s percentage distributions for League of Legends:

LoL TierShare of Players
✅ Iron1.8%
✅ Bronze18%
✅ Silver36%
✅ Gold29%
✅ Platinum11%
✅ Diamond1.4%
✅ Master0.12%
✅ Grandmaster0.026%
✅ Challenger0.011%

What Separates Duo, Solo, and Flex Queues?

In League of Legends, there are several ways to take pleasure in ranking up.

You have the option of playing solo queue alone and being paired with four other players, or you can play duo queue with a friend. Duos of support and ADC will frequently queue up collectively.

There are other ways to rank up besides Solo and Duo Queue, though. Players can obtain a positional rank in the flex queue through a second ranking system.

lol rank lol ranks league ranks highest rank in lol lol ranking system

This is accomplished by joining a flex queue with four other friends, but how many League players do you know?

It’s also important to note that, starting with Season 11, players in the Master tier and higher are no longer permitted to participate in the duo queue.

Due to the importance of communication in League of Legends matches, this was put in place to improve the fairness of ranked games.

Players can only participate in solo queue games in high elo matches as a result.

In Ranked, Leaving Dodging and going AFK

In ranked games, leaving or going AFK can have very negative effects on you.

When you play ranked, you and your teammates both want to move up the League of Legends elo ladder, but when you go AFK, you make it very difficult for your team to do so.

As a result, Riot has imposed harsh penalties on repeat offenders.

Riot developed several punishment tiers to combat inactivity in the game.

The harshest tier is the recently implemented Tier 7, which prevents players from starting games in MOBA queues and imposes a 15-minute queue delay for the five games.

Tier 0 is for players who have no prior experience with AFKing.

TierQueue LockoutQueue Delay
1None5 minutes for 5 games
2None10 minutes for 5 games
3None15 minutes for 5 games
41 Day15 minutes for 5 games
53 Days15 minutes for 5 games
67 Days15 minutes for 5 games
714 Days15 minutes for 5 games

Players who behave well will be rewarded, and they can prove that they have changed for the better.

This means that if a player falls into one of the bottom tiers due to going AFK, they can work hard to move up.

If players do not change, they will remain in their tier, and a single AFK match will result in them receiving punishments consistent with their tier once more.

Avoiding queues can be frustrating as well, especially in higher ranks where there are far fewer players than in Gold or Silver tiers.

Riot has therefore added penalties for those who repeatedly skip games.

TierQueue LockoutLP Penalty
16 minutes-3
230 minutes-10
3720 minutes (12 hours)-10

When you dodge a game, you move up a tier. If you dodge more than three games in a day, you are locked out of the queue for 12 hours while the dodge tiers reset by 1.

What Exactly is a Ranked Season?

The seasons in League of Legends are numerous. Every year, a new season starts, bringing with it fresh updates to the game’s map, item store, champions, and other mechanics.

Players are also reset to 0 at the start of each League of Legends ranked season, and they must play placement games once more to find out where they stand.

lol rank lol ranks league ranks highest rank in lol lol ranking system

However, high-ranked players frequently find themselves in Diamond by default.

This implies that each player starts with 0 LP and 0 MMR at the start of each season, which typically begins in January, and climbs the elo ladder once more.

League of Legends seasons typically come to an end in November.

Riot Games typically implements more significant changes that require more attention during the pre-season between LoL ranked seasons, which is why ranked is disabled during this time.

Do You Receive Rewards After a League of Legends Ranked Season?

After each season, Riot does indeed award ranks. A winning skin and chromas based on the highest rank attained will be given to players who made it into the Gold tier or higher.

The champion that Riot chose for the winning skin will be made available as Eternals to players who are stuck in silver and below.

Players received Lucian as a gift after Ranked Season 10; players will receive a Victorious skin for Blitzcrank as a gift after Ranked Season 11 in 2021.

After a ranked season, players will also receive profile banner trims reflecting their respective ranks.

As a result, players who invested time playing ranked while attempting to climb the elo ladder of hell throughout the year do receive rewards from Riot.

Before stopping, Riot used to give players who reached the Challenger tier tangible gifts as well.

lol rank lol ranks league ranks highest rank in lol lol ranking system

Players used to receive jackets with their summoner name and rank imprinted on them, but now they must be content with receiving a winning skin chroma.

Are the LoL Tiers the Same on TFT and Wild Rift as Well?

League of Legends-like ranks can be found in Teamfight Tactics and Wild Rift, two other Riot Games titles.

Players in Wild Rift must participate in the promotion series to advance in rank.

Players who finish in the top 8 of each TFT match will either gain or lose LP.

Even if you’re a Gold II TFT player and win four rounds in a row, you might be paired up against Platinum II players who dropped a few games because players also gain higher MMR depending on those placements.

Divisions are not implemented in Wild Rift the same way they are in League of Legends.

They differentiate division progression instead of using marks. The Emerald tier, which lies between the Platinum and Diamond tiers, has also been added by Wild Rift.

Perhaps this will also be available in League of Legends in the future.

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