Updated on November 12, 2022

IEM Rio Major 2022

➡ They filled the final three spots in the playoff round of the Rio Major along with MOUZ and Team Spirit.

As the Legends Stage of the IEM Rio Major comes to an end on day 8 of the competition, miracles can and do occur.

Six well-known athletes squared off in the final three matches of the Legend Stage to determine which three teams would advance to the Champions Stage.

MOUZ faced off against ENCE in the opening Round 5 match. In the three maps that were played, the two European teams were evenly matched, but MOUZ had a slight edge that helped them win.

MOUZ defeated ENCE 16-5 on Ancient thanks to its complete dominance of the map, which left ENCE with no chance of catching up.

On Nuke, the roles were reversed, and ENCE was given the opportunity to control the match.

MOUZ attempted to show some resistance, but ENCE’s first-half surge ensured that they would win the game 16-8.

Mirage observed the two teams planning their strategies to remain in the race. In the first half, both teams displayed strong play, with ENCE taking a slim lead of one point.

However, the game changed in the second half of the map when MOUZ ran riot against ENCE’s defenses and swept to back-to-back victories to end the match by round 25. The series was won by MOUZ 2-1, 16-9.

IEM Rio Major 2022

In the meantime, NAVI, one of the top teams in the world right now, was paired with BIG.

In the Legends Stage, both teams had been having a mediocre run, but NAVI has now improved and is once again in contention to win the championship.

By the end of the first half, BIG had the lead according to Mirage, but NAVI stole the show by destroying BIG in the second half to win 16-12.

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On Dust II, the first half was close between the two teams, but NAVI once more took the lead in the second half, winning the game by round 27 to win 16-11 and take the series 2-0.

Team Spirit easily led the narrative in the first half of the first map, Vertigo, with a sizable 5-point lead as Team Liquid entered their match against Team Spirit carrying the last hope for North American CS:GO.

IEM Rio Major 2022

Although Team Liquid made an effort to catch up in the second half, Team Spirit’s lead from the first half proved to be too great to overcome, giving Team Spirit the victory.

The situation changed at Mirage, where Liquid launched an offensive blitz and went into the break with a five-point lead.

By round 28, they had all they needed to do to win the game 16–12.

The game Ancient started out tense. Before the switch, the game was essentially tied between the two teams.

In the second half, Team Spirit was at the top of their game and easily countered Team Liquid’s moves.

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By round 26, they were tied, and from that point on, they just kept going to beat Team Liquid. Team Spirit won the map 16-13 and the series 2-1 when the bomb was disarmed in round 29.

The remaining Champions Stage seats are occupied by MOUZ, NAVI, and Team Spirit, who will perform live at the Jeunesse Arena.

Sadly, ENCE, BIG, and Team Liquid have been eliminated from the competition.


Are you excited to see the top 8 play in the Champions stage?

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