Updated on November 12, 2022

IEM Rio Major 2022

➡ Bad News Eagles, Team Vitality, and Sprout are eliminated from the tournament.

The seventh day of the IEM Rio Major, the first Major in South America, concludes a week of nonstop competition.

The top eight teams for Champions are expected to be a mix of the usual, with a few notable absentees, with only one day remaining in the Legends Stage.

Twelve teams competed in two groups for Round 4 of the Legends Stage: High (2-1 teams) and Low (1-2 teams).

The champions of the High matches advanced to the Champions stage, while the losers of the Low matches were eliminated from the Major.

During the High group match, MOUZ and Outsiders crossed paths. MOUZ got off to a strong start, dominating the first half of Overpass and taking an 8-point lead into the switch of sides.

However, the Outsiders found their momentum again and quickly caught up to them by round 18, continuing on until round 26 when they finally won the game.

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On Inferno, MOUZ once again took a one-point lead into halftime, but Outsiders continued to follow the script, catching up in the second half and winning the match overall by a score of 2-0 by round 26.

Fnatic, who is currently on a roll after missing the opportunity to qualify in round 2 of Legends, was paired with BIG in the meantime.

On Overpass, the game was close throughout until round 30, when Fnatic’s final bomb defusing gave them the victory.

IEM Rio Major 2022

By Mirage, BIG appeared to be losing steam as Fnatic easily took a 5-point lead by the end of the first half and then dominated in the second half to end the match by round 23, with a score of 2-0.

The Scandinavian team’s Heroic match against Team Liquid was challenging because Liquid applied enough pressure for both teams to play all three maps.

On Vertigo, Heroic took the lead in the story and easily took the first map. Team Liquid awoke on Mirage and found new energy, destroying Heroic in 21 rounds.

IEM Rio Major 2022

The Overpass map was where Heroic defeated Liquid to give them the overall win, 2-1, but the second wind was not enough to hold Heroic at bay.

With these victories, Outsiders, Fnatic and Heroic advanced to the Champions stage.

NAVI and the Bad News Eagles met first in the Low group matches. The massive bloodbath occurred when the newcomer to the Majors ran into one of the original members of the group.

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NAVI defeated the Kosovan team in Ancient 16-3, easily steamrolling them.

The Ukrainian team defeated Nuke Saw BNE 16-9 despite their best efforts to batch up; NAVI was simply too strong for them to overcome.

The two seasoned teams squared off to keep themselves in the competition as ENCE met up with Team Vitality, where the competition was a little closer.

In contrast to Vertigo, where ENCE jumped ahead and won the game 16–12, Nuke was a little more heated as both teams played evenly, and by round 30 overtime was declared.

ENCE demonstrated their superiority during the extra period by easily maintaining their lead over Team Vitality and winning the map 19-15.

In the second game of the Low group, Team Spirit and Sprout faced off. It appears that Team Spirit is making up for a lost time in rounds 2 and 3, as they easily defeated Sprout in Nuke and Vertigo.

Both maps were won 2-0 by Team Spirit.

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Unfortunately, Bad News Eagles, Team Vitality, and Sprout were also eliminated from the IEM Rio Major along with FaZe Clan and NiP.

In about 12 hours, the final round of the Legends Stage will start with MOUZ playing ENCE, then BIG playing NAVI, and finishing with a match between Team Liquid and Team Spirit.


Are you sad that Bad News Eagles, Team Vitality and Sprout are eliminated from the Rio Major?

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