Updated on October 1, 2022

Huawei Health App - Android and iOS

According to Huawei, the health app could be beneficial for anyone looking to kick-start their fitness journeys, track their day-to-day health, and even sync multiple wearables at the same time with just a few taps.

Please continue reading for a summary of its highlights.

Taking health monitoring to the next level

Huawei Health monitors the app’s heart rate, blood oxygen saturation levels, sleep quality, and stress levels, among other things.

It could be highly beneficial for individuals seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their workouts and anyone seeking to minimize health risks.

Huawei notes that the Huawei Band 6’s up to two-week battery life enables the Health app to collect data continuously for a more extended period, providing the user with a complete picture of their health and fitness status.

When paired with your Huawei smart wearable, the app automatically organizes and visualizes all health data from the device in dynamic, easy-to-understand graphs.

Whether it’s from a single device or a network of devices, monitoring health is critical.

A more enjoyable workout

Huawei notes that users can create custom training and workout plans using the app’s Dynamic Tracking feature.

For instance, it includes an in-app Running Guide to assist newcomers.

It also enables users to plan routes while displaying heart rate, pace, and calories burned.

Then there’s the Dynamic Tracking feature, enabling users to select their current workout activity for monitoring or letting the app determine the type of exercise they’re performing.

Additionally, it automatically records pertinent data.

Users can use the app to share their fitness programs and accomplishments on social media.

Sync with Huawei wearable devices

Syncing the Health app with Huawei wearables enables users to manage device features directly from the app.

The app allows you to control music playlists, manage apps, customize watch faces, and participate in fitness challenges.

Additionally, it enables you to check the app’s status and monitor the status of all their gear.

Compatibility with all platforms

Huawei Health is not limited to Huawei devices. It is also compatible with iOS and other Android devices.

It is available for download via the App Store or the official Android download links.

It also receives contact updates to enhance its features across all platforms.

Huawei added that the app’s user interface would be improved in the future to include step statistics, the ability to detect nearby devices to streamline the pairing process, and additional sports for creating training courses.

By September, the iOS version will have the same features as the Android version.

For Android App: Huawei Health
For iOS App: Huawei Health

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