Updated on December 5, 2022

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A crucial aspect of the game in CS:GO is the ranking system. It encourages players to improve their skills and advance to higher levels.

Every CS:GO player has the potential to make errors and encounter challenges while attempting to advance in rank.

To help beginners and experts alike avoid common mistakes and to clarify how to advance in CS:GO, we’ve compiled the 25 most useful tips.

✅ Spray Patterns in CS:GO: Learn and Practice

With their actual prototypes in mind, CS:GO’s virtual weapons were created. Every weapon in the game has a different spray pattern and recoil compensation because of this.

This brings us to one clear conclusion: to be proficient with a given firearm, you must be able to deal with its unique characteristics, such as the spray pattern and recoil compensation features.

Knowing the benefits of each weapon helps you position yourself correctly and move through the map much more quickly.

You should know that the speed of your hero is very significant.

✅ Peek Enemies Appropriately (Fast/Wide & Jump/Jiggle Peek)

Types of Peek in CS:GO
✔ Fast Peek
✔ Wide Peek
✔ Jump Peek
✔ Jiggle Peek

There are various ways to enter a location and determine whether an enemy is present. Strafe before entry is the first available option.

One of the best ways to see if your opponent has a rifle is to move to long or middle. But while doing this, you had better remain alive.

✅ View the Map Callouts

For every CS:GO player, constant minimap checking is a requirement. Make sure to repeat this every 15 to 20 seconds.

Or even better, once every 5 to 10 seconds if you’re doing it more frequently.

Even before you encounter the enemy who is walking in front of you, this strategy will give you insights into the opponent’s team tactics and overall strategy.

✅ Learn the Fundamentals of CS:GO Team Play

Communication between teammates is one of the most crucial factors in CS:GO that will guarantee your rapid rank up.

Always communicate information about roles or other aspects of gameplay because it benefits the whole team, including you.

However, be careful not to spam while sharing extremely important information.

Your team’s captain can suggest where and why the group should go, but before making a wise choice, a group should get the most recent information from all of its members.

With a self-centered playing style, winning a CS:GO match is practically impossible. Perhaps there is always an exception, though, as evidenced by players like S1mple.

Sharing the information with your teammates is still preferable. We’d say it’s essential to succeed.

✅ Keep in Mind Flashbang Assist

Determine whether your opponent is on callout after using strafe to check their position. Make your appearance more intimidating to opponents by using flashbang.

Your opponent will temporarily lose their vision if you use a flashbang because it gives them no time to run or turn.

There are positions for effectively throwing flashbangs for each entrance on every map.

The use of a flashbang from spawn to temporarily blind enemies is sometimes necessary, but there are other less obvious uses for flashbangs.

Analyze and define every throwing position for flashbangs on every map. This will give the player a huge competitive advantage.

✅ Don’t Waste Your Grenades

The grenades’ potency rises as the round draws to a close. Sure, it depends on the particular situation, but let’s look at a plan for eliminating terrorists when C4 is planted on Inferno’s Plant B and three terrorists are still alive.

Without grenades, there is no chance of success in this case.

Always consider how many grenades are still in a round. And you should always consider how the grenades that are left over might help you win a battle.

Use them wisely, as any one of them could determine the outcome of a round or a match.

✅ Practice Strafing and Strafing Jumps

You can shoot more effectively if you are in the right position. Check all the positions for the entrance while you’re waiting for the enemy at a location.

Don’t just sit still and fix your gaze on one thing; move the camera and be prepared for a quick entrance.

Strafing would be helpful in the straight shootout. Even though it may be preferable to remain in place and fire more accurately, strafing could make you an unwelcome target.

If you’re not very good at shooting, you should focus on improving your shooting technique and accuracy before learning how to strafe.

✅ Learn CS:GO Bomb Defusing Techniques

You must learn a few strategies to prevent encounters with terrorist shootouts while you are defusing the bomb.

Take this as a case study. Using a fake defuser may help you draw your adversary out.

To make the enemy hear the distinct bomb-defusing sound, all you have to do is begin defusing the bomb.

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Just sit tight and wait for your opponent to arrive after a quick defusing start.

✅ Run Boost Tactics while using Boost

On so many CS:GO maps, boost tactics are available. Since you can gain a better position with the aid of your teammates, Boost can help you surprise enemies.

Your position is excellent for observation, and you can be sure that it’s excellent for eliminating opponents.

By using the boost tactic, you can shoot from incredibly unusual locations and surprise the opposing team.

By effectively confusing your opponents, your team may gain a greater numerical advantage in just one round.

✅ Enter a Location from Various Angles

In addition, to boost strategies, there are numerous creative ways to eliminate a rival team.

Pop flashes, multiple grenades thrown to the same location, or moving to a position simultaneously from multiple directions can help you improve your game plan and ensure victory in the round or match.

Keep in mind that moving to a single location simultaneously from various angles only works if you function well as a team.

✅ Protect the Bomb. Don’t Rush Ahead

If you are carrying a bomb, don’t move too quickly, and once you get to the planting site, detonate the bomb.

A bomb carrier ought to appear second or third on it if you’re close to a plant. Sometimes a bomb is lost because the bomb carrier was shot first.

It’s not lost; the counterterrorism team is just closely monitoring it. Come on out and get it? Not the safest course of action.

✅ Before Rushing, Reload a Weapon

Everyone occasionally experiences problems with an empty weapon clip. Even elite athletes experience it occasionally.

Please pay attention to the ammo state because, as you well know, the devil is in the details. It is preferable to reload your weapon before approaching the position.

Even though reloading a weapon takes some time, it can still determine who wins a round.

Additionally, the outcome of the match could be determined by one lost round. So exercise caution and regularly check the ammo level.

If your weapon has 13 or fewer bullets left, you may need to reload. Just stick to this rule, for instance, if there is a shootout or something.

✅ Look Up Enemy Positions. Finding an Enemy

You gain the necessary experience if you play CS:GO for a sizable amount of time and practice consistently. This experience might influence your tactics in subtle ways.

For instance, at some point you learn a straightforward truth: sometimes you shouldn’t kill an enemy right away after you spot them.

If you look around a little, you might find a trap or other enemies who are hiding and waiting for you. Isn’t it better to eliminate them all at once?

You will quickly achieve the highest CS:GO rank if you can learn to wait for the right opportunity and capitalize on it. “Waiting” skill is an art.

✅ Smoke Grenade: Use It to Your Advantage

A lot of CS:GO players use Molotov cocktails or incendiaries to chase away their opponents.

You will still take damage from that weapon even if you remain stationary and do not move. There are various stages of ignition for fire grenades.

Each stage widens the area that is burning until it is impossible to escape the fire unharmed.

When the fire is close and already causing damage, there is a way to sustain the least amount of damage.

As you start to jump while throwing the smoke grenade, you should quickly switch to it. Good, huh? The fire is put out by smoke before it has a chance to spread and do extensive damage.

✅ Use CS:GO Wallbang Spots to Improve

You can create a wallbang and practice it a lot. It’s not necessary to shoot through a wall; you can also shoot through boxes, windows, doors, or any other blocking object on a map.

Check all the positions for the shootout after defining the map for the game or the practice, and see what weapon will resolve it the best.

A shootout could determine the result of the round, and a round could ultimately determine the victor.

So please do everything in your power to win. One of those things is the practice of wallbangs.

✅ Practice Crazy Clutches

When there is a “1 vs. Many” situation and you are the one, you should use the “if you want to defeat an enemy, think like the enemy” strategy.

Decide while keeping in mind the previous rounds. Although we are aware that it is challenging, you might feel a little anxious when trying to triumph in front of your teammates.

But you can pull it off! Just take your time.

Consider your adversaries’ positions and how you would respond if you were on the other side of the conflict.

You can determine the best strategy and choice for the shortest time frame if you follow your mind rather than your emotions.

Winning the crucial round is a serious motivator and a huge boost for the entire team! Not to mention the wonderful feeling it can give you personally when you win.

✅ Be Cautious of the ‘1 Shot, 3 Kills’ Case

Although they are uncommon, such cases do occur. And it’s not the best feeling for a CS:GO, player, if they have to deal with this and find themselves the victim.

It’s possible that you already guessed this, but when the team is moving straight ahead, a sniper from the opposing team can kill everyone with a single rifle shot.

Few rifles have the power to inflict such harm, but AWP can undoubtedly do so.

Do not stand in line if you or your teammates are about to enter a hazardous area and you believe a sniper may be nearby. Period.

✅ After a Defeat, Relax

Please try not to lose hope or become angry if your team lost the game. Likewise, resist the urge to make immediate repairs.

Take a brief break, perhaps a half-hour or an hour, to rethink everything, including your most recent match tactics and choices.

Nothing positive will occur in the upcoming game if you let your emotions rule you. Like, it’s guaranteed.

And if everything fails for the entire day, take a break until the following day. Everyone experiences lows; e-sports athletes and gamers are not exempt.

Just be careful not to let them win. Take a moment to relax and consider diverting your focus. Yes, there are many other things in your life.

Additionally, it takes time to recover from a rating drop, and if you continue to play after a string of defeats, your CS:GO rating will suffer more damage.

✅ Improve Your Movement Speed

If we’re talking about continuing the CS:GO round, this is a separate issue that could be covered in a separate, in-depth article.

Let’s take a moment to formalize a few defining concepts, though.

You must practice a lot on various CS:GO maps and carefully review their specifications because each map’s audibility varies.

Some maps have thin walls or wooden boards that can be very loud when someone is running, making it possible to hear the enemy.

✅ Get to Know CS:GO Models Hitboxes

Put your weapons on the ground (move the screen toward the floor) when you’re sitting around barrels or anything else that doesn’t completely conceal your hero so that the enemy can’t see your hero’s hitbox.

You also receive the benefit of not being blinded by a flashbang in addition to hiding hitboxes.

After all, it’s comfortable to pay attention to every little noise that you might interpret as an enemy movement.

In addition, if a blinding grenade is thrown at you, wait a short while for the grenade’s effect to wear off before raising your weapon and firing.

✅ Each Round, Change Your Position

Even if you are sitting or going to the same plant repeatedly, try to switch positions every time.

Why is it necessary? Well, your adversary is quickly becoming accustomed to your strategies and positions.

Every three to four rounds, switch places with each other on the plants if you’re feeling the map.

It will diversify your team’s overall strategy, which will confound adversaries and prevent them from adapting to your playing style.

✅ Recognize Your Weapon

Consider your position in the following round before the current one begins.

Additionally, consider the weapon you’ll employ. On short distances, AWP is not necessary.

Mobility is a key benefit when traveling short distances, but AWP does not, regrettably, increase your hero’s mobility. Use XM1014 as an alternative.

If used correctly, every weapon in CS:GO has the potential to be extremely effective.

Although the number of weapons you can use in the matchmaking mode is limited, this does not excuse you from getting familiar with all of them.

To be as effective as possible in any situation, you must be aware of the specific characteristics of all weapons.

✅ Before the Actual Game, Practice CS:GO MM

Spend some time practicing your aim on a CS:GO training map before playing in MM mode.

This is necessary! You can practice your shooting techniques and do some light stretching by playing on a practice map.

Deathmatch mode is a great way to warm up, by the way.

Fast respawns, quick weapon swaps, ongoing shootouts—all of these features are ideal for the beginning of a real game against real opponents.

You can play with real people more casually after using bots to practice. especially if you’ve taken a long break from playing CS:GO.

However, it doesn’t matter because everyone can benefit from warming up, and Deathmatch is a great option.

✅ Apply CS:GO Console Commands

Don’t forget to review your game settings and preferences as well as the CS:GO console commands before you begin playing.

Because nothing positive will occur if you start doing it during the game. neither to your CS:GO rank nor to your game settings and preferences.

So, use common sense and double-check everything.

✅ Properly Configure the Sound Settings

On CS:GO’s sound design, Valve has put in a lot of effort. The pun is obvious because you can hear it.

So, listening will be a key component of the solution to the question of how to advance in the CS:GO ranks.

As you play, pay attention to your opponents and all the little sounds on the map. You gain a saved life and rounds won by paying close attention.

Therefore, refrain from playing CS:GO in silence or while playing music. To better feel and hear all the sounds and aid in locating enemy positions, use high-quality headphones.

All of these tips aren’t intended to teach you how to throw grenades or shoot accurately, but if you combine them and use them appropriately, they can help you advance in CS: GO.

Learn them and put them to use, and you’ll eventually achieve the Global Elite rank you want!

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