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According to Vint Cert, the co-father of the internet, you can never be too safe online, even with a VPN. “Do not trust any networks, regardless of where you are, whether you are connected to the corporate network, at home, or calling in from somewhere else in the world,” he advised. “We assume that none of this entails any degree of safety.”

Individuals and businesses must adhere to the zero-trust philosophy, which states that you should distrust everything inside and outside your network. Otherwise, you run the risk of falling victim to phishing scams and other forms of cybercrime.

While Cert is skeptical of VPNs, this is typically due to the sheer number of potential holes and vulnerabilities.

If you’re going to trust a virtual private network with your online security, it’s best to go with a well-known provider—such as Hotspot Shield.

The service, dubbed the #1 VPN for speed and security, keeps you safe and private online by encrypting your connection using an award-winning VPN protocol and military-grade encryption. With the code VIP40, you can save 40% on a three-year subscription.

hot spot shield hotspotshield hotspot hotspot shield hotspot shield vpn

Hotspot Shield is designed to protect you online from hackers, malware, and phishing sites. A subscription provides unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to browse the web at lightning-fast speeds and without buffering.

Through its over 115 virtual locations, you gain access to websites and streaming content from around the world, and if you come across a website or app that is restricted, you can gain access with the click of a button.

In comparison to other VPNs, Hotspot Shield maintains a zero-log policy, which means it never logs or stores your IP address or any additional personally identifiable information.

Additionally, you can feel secure online with its best-in-class military-grade security and 256-bit AES encryption, which work in tandem to protect your data.

hot spot shield hotspotshield hotspot hotspot shield hotspot shield vpn

It is multi-device compatible, allowing you to use it on up to five devices concurrently. This way, your entire technological collection is adequately safeguarded.

A three-year subscription to Hotspot Shield typically costs $467(₱23,792), but with the code VIP40, it’s only $53.99(₱2,750).

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