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dota ranks dota 2 rank medals dota 2 ranking system dota 2 ranks dota ranking system

The MMR Ranking system in Dota 2 is inherently complicated and includes several subtle nuances, making it challenging for the average gamer to comprehend.

While Dota 2’s gameplay, heroes, economies, and landscapes have undergone numerous changes over the past ten years, its matchmaking rating has undergone just as many changes (MMR).

It may be difficult for new players or players who haven’t played in a while to understand how Dota 2 MMR functions in its current form.

Consequently, this thorough guide will walk you through all the components of the Dota 2 MMR ranking system.

What are MMR and Medals in Dota 2?

A player’s MMR (matchmaking rating) in Dota 2 is a positive integer that indicates their level of expertise.

MMR is also Dota 2’s matchmaking tool because it aids in identifying your allies and opponents in various matches.

Players of Dota 2 cannot, however, gain or lose MMR points by engaging in any other game mode besides ranked matches.

A specific Dota 2 medal will be given to you based on your MMR level. Currently, Dota 2 has eight medals available. They are, in increasing order:

Medals in Dota 2
✅ Herald
✅ Guardian
✅ Crusader
✅ Archon
✅ Legend
✅ Ancient
✅ Divine
✅ Immortal

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Each medal has five tiers or stars, with tier five being the highest. Your medals and tiers may change as you win and lose ranked matches.

dota ranks dota 2 rank medals dota 2 ranking system dota 2 ranks dota ranking system

For instance, if you win a specific set of matches over the following few days while in the Legend 4 tier, your medal tier will increase to the Legend 5 tier.

Additionally, you will advance from Legend 5 to Ancient 1 if you continue to win more ranked matches than you lose in the upcoming days.

Every medal has tiers, except Immortal, Dota 2’s highest rank.

Instead, in Immortal you will be ranked according to your region, so the player with the highest MMR in a region will be ranked 1.

dota ranks dota 2 rank medals dota 2 ranking system dota 2 ranks dota ranking system

Your rank may vanish and you might only have the medal displayed under your name if you significantly decline in the Immortal medal’s ranks and find yourself on the verge of dropping into Divine.

Based on MMR, Dota 2 Medal Distribution

The community has used several combinations to produce the following medal distribution, despite Valve never disclosing the MMR needed to obtain a specific medal tier or medal.

Rank MedalsMMR
Herald TierMMR Points
‣ Herald 1~0
‣ Herald 2~154
‣ Herald 3~308
‣ Herald 4~462
‣ Herald 5~616
Guardian TierMMR Points
‣ Guardian 1~770
‣ Guardian 2~924
‣ Guardian 3~1078
‣ Guardian 4~1232
‣ Guardian 5~1386
Crusader TierMMR Points
‣ Crusader 1~1540
‣ Crusader 2~1694
‣ Crusader 3~1848
‣ Crusader 4~2002
‣ Crusader 5~2156
Archon TierMMR Points
‣ Archon 1~2310
‣ Archon 2~2464
‣ Archon 3~2618
‣ Archon 4~2772
‣ Archon 5~2926
Legend TierMMR Points
‣ Legend 1~3080
‣ Legend 2~3234
‣ Legend 3~3388
‣ Legend 4~3542
‣ Legend 5~3696
Ancient TierMMR Points
‣ Ancient 1~3850
‣ Ancient 2~4004
‣ Ancient 3~4158
‣ Ancient 4~4312
‣ Ancient 5~4466
Divine TierMMR Points
‣ Divine 1~4620
‣ Divine 2~4820
‣ Divine 3~5020
‣ Divine 4~5220
‣ Divine 5~5420

You can track your advancement to the following tier from your Main Menu. A percentage meter will be displayed beneath your medal if you are winning more games than you are losing.

You’ll advance to the following tier once you’ve reached 100%.

However, if you frequently lose, the percentage meter might vanish, signaling that you might be about to drop to the lower medal tier.

Other Dota 2 MMR Factors

Ranked Classic/Ranked Roles

Ranked Roles and Ranked Classic are the two subcategories of ranked matchmaking. In the former, players select their roles in advance, whereas in the latter, none of the five players is given a role.

Your medal tier may be lower when you queue for a match in ranked roles than what is shown on your Main Menu. Your proficiency in that specific role is the reason for this.

Support players may be better at playing support than a core role, so they will have a Legend 4 medal on the Main Menu, but when they queue for a core role, their tier will be shown as Legend 3 in the drafting stage.

This was probably implemented by Valve to prevent you from having to queue for your weaker roles against the toughest opponents.

How Much MMR Does Winning/Losing a Ranked Match Give You?

Occasionally, Valve modifies this, but at the moment, the result of the game determines whether you gain or lose 20-30 MMR.

When you play at a party, you typically lose or gain 20 MMR; when you queue alone, you typically gain 30 MMR. This observation might not always be accurate.

Dota 2 Medal and MMR Leaderboards on a par

Most Dota 2 player profiles are accessible to the general public, so people and organizations have been able to calculate the average medal.

Dota 2 players typically have medal tiers of Archon 1-3. (Through eSportstales)

But once you get to the top of Dota 2 ranked matchmaking, the Immortal Bracket, if you are a cut above the rest, you can see your name on the Dota 2 MMR Leaderboards.

The rankings of players are shown on the Dota 2 MMR leaderboards by region. It is updated by Valve every hour.

To be eligible for the Dota 2 MMR leaderboard, a player must have “played at least 14 ranked games in the last 21 days in the same division (region)”.

How do I enable Dota 2’s ranked matchmaking?

You won’t be able to queue for ranked matches when you first launch Dota 2. You need to have played Dota 2 for 100 hours to access ranked matchmaking.

It’s important to keep in mind that this playing time is different from the time displayed in the Steam Client.

Even though Dota 2 is available for 100 hours, if you have only played a few matches, your playing time may be less than 100 hours to unlock ranked matchmaking.

Any Dota 2 game mode will count toward this 100-hour goal, but we advise new players to first spend some time playing unranked and turbo matches before moving on to ranked matches.

For new players, the Dota 2 tutorial may also be helpful.

To reach the 100-hour quota and enable ranked matchmaking, it will probably take 150 matches if we take into account the typical Dota 2 unranked game duration.

Simply enter your mobile number and connect it to your Steam account once you’ve reached the 100-hour mark. This makes ranked matchmaking possible.

The next step is to play 10 matches so that your matchmaking rating (MMR) can be calibrated and your skill level assessed.

Your performances, the number of victories and defeats in unranked game mode, as well as related factors in each of these 10 ranked calibration matches, are thought to be the sources of MMR.

However, Valve has never made known to the public the precise causes of it.

Advice on how to improve your Dota 2 ranking

One of the highest skill ceilings for multiplayer games is present in Dota 2. This affects how much skill and in-game prowess players display during their matches.

As you progress through the ranked leaderboards, there are a few strategies you can use to ensure a better experience. Among these pointers and tricks are:

✅ Make sure that the Strict Solo Matchmaking feature is turned on whenever you are in the queue for ranked games.
✅ It is preferable to master a select few heroes than to have a large hero pool with mediocre knowledge.
✅ To ensure that everyone is informed about the game’s developments, make sure to communicate with your teammates.
✅ In a MOBA like Dota 2, maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is crucial, even when you’re about to lose a match.
✅ A great way to enhance your performance in-game is to watch replays of your games to identify the mistakes you made.
✅ The Battle Report, which was recently added to Dota Plus, is a fantastic tool for tracking your playstyle and identifying your strengths and weaknesses in-game. Your performance will significantly improve as a result, and you will move up the ranked leaderboards.

That’s everything you need to know about the ranking system in Dota 2.

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