Updated on October 1, 2022

DITO - List of Mobile Number Prefixes

Dito Telecommunity is the third-largest telecommunications company in the Philippines. With that said, many prospective Dito subscribers wanted to know what their mobile number prefix would be if they chose to switch to Dito or as an alternative number.

Indeed, one of the primary reasons everyone is buzzing about the new telco service is its attractive offers. To mention a few:

  • Unlimited on-net SMS
  • Unlimited on-net Calls
  • Unlimited Data

And perhaps the most significant of all is the promised high-speed connection.

The following is a Dito List of Mobile Number Prefixes

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  • 0991
  • 0992
  • 0993
  • 0994
  • 0895
  • 0896
  • 0897
  • 0898

How will your DITO mobile number appear?

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Mobile phone numbers are typically 10-digits long and include the country code. The country code for the Philippines is +63, but if you’re within the country, you can omit the +63 and enter the 10-digit number and 0 before the prefix. Please see the example below.

  • Country Code: +63
  • Dito prefix: 991
  • Unique designated (unique) number: 1234567
  • Your mobile number is: 09911234567 or +639911234567

The first 3 digits are from the prefix assigned by your telco.

What are mobile number prefixes?

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What You Need to Know About DITO

As previously stated, these are the four numbers preceding the unique or designated number provided by your telco of choice, in this case, Dito Telecoms.

We believe our users must understand this to maximize the value of their current subscription and take advantage of the unlimited calls, texts, and even data to browse the web or use data-intensive apps.

Additionally, keep in mind that Dito has its own set of standard rates and fees.

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