Updated on November 21, 2022

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An Updated List of Dito Compatible Phones – DITO stated on Facebook that they are constantly testing phones and regularly updating the list of compatible devices on their website.

Additionally, the company stated that they had received feedback indicating that specific phone models are compatible with their network and are validating them to ensure they pass their internal tests and quality standards before being added to the list.

Later, DITO clarified that mobile phones not on the list can still connect to and use the DITO network. According to DITO Chief Technology Officer Rodolfo Santiago, the phones on the list have “undergone a collaborative test of their network compatibility.” He reassured customers that “the brands that have been tested are completely compatible.”

Santiago clarified that the absence of a mobile phone from the list does not imply that it is incompatible with the DITO network.

This simply indicates that those phones have not yet been subjected to a compatibility test.

There is no reason to be concerned if your phone model is not currently listed as compatible; chances are it will be added soon.

This list will be updated as necessary as they are constantly testing new brands and models of phones to ensure they are compatible with the network.

Please revisit this page frequently for updates. It will be possible to keep track of the currently compatible phones via their official website and Facebook page, updated regularly.

Here is An Updated List of Dito Compatible Phones – As of October 17, 2022

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Cherry MobileAqua SeriesAqua S9
Cherry MobileAqua SeriesAqua S10 Pro
Cherry MobileFlare SeriesFlare S8
Cherry MobileFlare SeriesFlare S8 Lite
Cherry MobileFlare SeriesFlare S8 Max
Cherry MobileFlare SeriesFlare S8 Pro
Cherry MobileFlare SeriesFlare Y20
Cherry MobileFlare SeriesFlare Y5
HuaweiMate SeriesMate 30
HuaweiMate SeriesMate 30 Pro
HuaweiMate SeriesMate 30 Pro 5G
HuaweiMate SeriesMate 40
HuaweiMate SeriesMate 40 Pro
HuaweiNova SeriesNova 5T
HuaweiNova SeriesNova 7
HuaweiNova SeriesNova 7 SE
HuaweiNova SeriesNova 7i
HuaweiNova SeriesNova 8
HuaweiNova SeriesNova 9
HuaweiP SeriesP30
HuaweiP SeriesP30 Pro
HuaweiP SeriesP40
HuaweiP SeriesP40 Pro
HuaweiP SeriesP50
HuaweiP SeriesP50 Pocket
HuaweiY SeriesY6p
HuaweiY SeriesY7a
HuaweiY SeriesY7p
HuaweiY SeriesY9 Prime 2019
HuaweiY SeriesY9s
InfinixHot SeriesHot 9 Play
InfinixHot SeriesHot 10
InfinixHot SeriesHot 10 Play
InfinixHot SeriesHot 11S
InfinixHot SeriesHot 11S NFC
InfinixNote SeriesNote 7
InfinixNote SeriesNote 8
InfinixNote SeriesNote 10
InfinixNote SeriesNote 11S
InfinixSmart SeriesSmart 5
InfinixSmart SeriesSmart 6
InfinixZero SeriesZero X
InfinixZero SeriesZero X Neo
InfinixZero SeriesZero X Pro
MyPhoneT SeriesMyT6S
MyPhoneT SeriesMyT8
MyPhoneW SeriesMyWX1 Plus
MyPhoneW SeriesMyWX2
MyPhoneW SeriesMyWX2 Pro
MyPhoneX SeriesMyX12
MyPhoneX SeriesMyXI1 Plus
MyPhoneX SeriesMyXI1 Pro
MyPhoneX SeriesMyXI3
narzonarzo seriesnarzo 50
narzonarzo seriesnarzo 50A
narzonarzo seriesnarzo 50 5G
narzonarzo seriesnarzo 50A Prime
narzonarzo seriesnarzo 50i Prime
narzonarzo seriesnarzo 50 Pro 5G
NokiaG SeriesG10
NokiaG SeriesG50
OppoA SeriesA12
OppoA SeriesA15
OppoA SeriesA15s
OppoA SeriesA16
OppoA SeriesA31
OppoA SeriesA52
OppoA SeriesA53
OppoA SeriesA54
OppoA SeriesA55
OppoA SeriesA74
OppoA SeriesA74 5G
OppoA SeriesA76
OppoA SeriesA92
OppoA SeriesA94
OppoA SeriesA95
OppoReno SeriesA17
OppoReno SeriesA17K
OppoReno SeriesReno 3 Pro
OppoReno SeriesReno 4
OppoReno SeriesReno 4z
OppoReno SeriesReno 5
OppoReno SeriesReno 5 5G
OppoReno SeriesReno 6 5G
OppoReno SeriesReno 6z 5G
OppoReno SeriesReno 7 5G
OppoReno SeriesReno 7z
OppoReno SeriesReno 8 5G
OppoReno SeriesReno 8Z 5G
realme6 Seriesrealme 6
realme6 Seriesrealme 6 Pro
realme6 Seriesrealme 6i
realme7 Seriesrealme 7 Pro
realme7 Seriesrealme 7i
realme8 Seriesrealme 8
realme8 Seriesrealme 8 Pro
realme8 Seriesrealme 8 5G
realme8 Seriesrealme 8i
realme9 Seriesrealme 9
realme9 Seriesrealme 9i
realme9 Seriesrealme 9 Pro
realme9 Seriesrealme 9 Pro+
realmeC Seriesrealme C11
realmeC Seriesrealme C11 2021
realmeC Seriesrealme C12
realmeC Seriesrealme C15
realmeC Seriesrealme C15 Qualcomm
realmeC Seriesrealme C21Y
realmeC Seriesrealme C25
realmeC Seriesrealme C25s
realmeC Seriesrealme C25Y
realmeC Seriesrealme C30
realmeC Seriesrealme C33
realmeC Seriesrealme C35
realmeGT Seriesrealme GT Master Edition
realmePadrealme Pad
realmePadrealme Pad Mini
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA01
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA02s
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA03s
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA10
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA10s
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA11
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA12
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA20
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA20s
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA21s
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA22
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA22 5G
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA30
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA30s
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA31
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA32
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA32 5G
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA42 5G
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA50s
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA52
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA52 5G
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA52s 5G
SamsungGalaxy A SeriesA72
SamsungGalaxy M SeriesM11
SamsungGalaxy M SeriesM22
SamsungGalaxy M SeriesM32
SamsungGalaxy Note SeriesNote 10+
SamsungGalaxy Note SeriesNote 20
SamsungGalaxy Note SeriesNote 20 Ultra 5G
SamsungGalaxy S SeriesS20
SamsungGalaxy S SeriesS20+
SamsungGalaxy S SeriesS20 FE
SamsungGalaxy S SeriesS20 FE 5G
SamsungGalaxy S SeriesS20 Ultra
SamsungGalaxy S SeriesS21 5G
SamsungGalaxy S SeriesS21+ 5G
SamsungGalaxy S SeriesS21 Ultra 5G
SamsungGalaxy Z SeriesZ Flip 3 5G
SamsungGalaxy Z SeriesZ Fold 2
SamsungGalaxy Z SeriesZ Fold 3 5G
TCLTCL Phones10 Plus
TCLTCL PhonesPlex
TCLTCL Phones10 5G
TCLTCL Phones20 SE
TecnoCamon SeriesCAMON 16
TecnoCamon SeriesCAMON 17P
TecnoCamon SeriesCAMON 18
TecnoCamon SeriesCAMON 18 PREMIER
TecnoSpark SeriesSPARK 6
TecnoSpark SeriesSPARK 6 Go
TecnoSpark SeriesSPARK 7
TecnoSpark SeriesSPARK 7 Pro
TecnoOther Tecno ModelsPOVA
TecnoOther Tecno ModelsPOP 5 LTE
VivoS SeriesS1
VivoS SeriesS1 Pro
VivoV SeriesV11
VivoV SeriesV11i
VivoV SeriesV15
VivoV SeriesV15 Pro
VivoV SeriesV17 Pro
VivoV SeriesV19 Neo
VivoV SeriesV20
VivoV SeriesV21 5G
VivoV SeriesV21e
VivoV SeriesV20pro 5G
VivoV SeriesV20SE
VivoX SeriesX21
VivoX SeriesX50
VivoX SeriesX50 Pro
VivoX SeriesX60 5G
VivoX SeriesX70 5G
VivoY SeriesY1s
VivoY SeriesY11
VivoY SeriesY12
VivoY SeriesY12A
VivoY SeriesY12S
VivoY SeriesY15
VivoY SeriesY15A
VivoY SeriesY15S
VivoY SeriesY17
VivoY SeriesY19
VivoY SeriesY20i
VivoY SeriesY20S G
VivoY SeriesY30
VivoY SeriesY31
VivoY SeriesY33s
VivoY SeriesY81
VivoY SeriesY85
VivoY SeriesY91
VivoY SeriesY91C
VivoY SeriesY91i
VivoY SeriesY95
VivoOther VIVO ModelsNEX3
Xiaomi10 SeriesRedmi 10
XiaomiRedmi Note SeriesRedmi Note 10 5G
XiaomiRedmi Note SeriesRedmi Note 11
XiaomiRedmi Note SeriesRedmi Note 11 Pro 5G
XiaomiRedmi SeriesRedmi 9A
XiaomiRedmi SeriesRedmi 9C​
XiaomiRedmi SeriesRedmi 9T
XiaomiRedmi SeriesRedmi 10 5G
XiaomiRedmi SeriesRedmi 10C
XiaomiXiaomi 11 SeriesXiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE
XiaomiXiaomi 11 SeriesXiaomi 11T
XiaomiXiaomi 11 SeriesXiaomi 11T Pro
XiaomiXiaomi 12 SeriesXiaomi 12
XiaomiXiaomi 12 SeriesXiaomi 12 Lite

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