Updated on October 1, 2022

Clubhouse - Social Audio App - Android and iOS

Clubhouse is a novel type of network that is entirely voice-based. Elon Musk’s participation in a live conversation on the Good Time Show boosted the app’s popularity.

Clubhouse hopes to alleviate users’ concerns about eye contact, what they’re wearing, or where they are by removing the need for them to use their cameras.

Additionally, they can use the app while performing household chores or commuting.

The app works by allowing users to create and join rooms to conduct a conference call. When you first open the app, you’ll see a list of rooms along with a list of who’s in each.

They cannot share images, videos, or even text and thus must rely on verbal communication.

They can leave the room at any time if they find it boring.

Clubhouse rooms are frequently hosted by experts, celebrities, venture capitalists, and journalists, among others.

Additionally, they hire moderators to ensure that the platform promotes both free speech and healthy dialogue.

As of December last year, Clubhouse reportedly had 600,000 users. Due to the app’s invite-only nature, you cannot simply download and sign up.

You can, however, install and open it to express interest and reserve a handle.

Following that, you’ll receive a blog post explaining why you’re required to wait for an invitation.

Note that Clubhouse is currently in beta, and thus the general release version is not yet ready.

The app’s creators say they want to gradually grow their community to ensure “that nothing breaks, that the community remains diverse, and that we can fine-tune the product as it grows.”

For the time being, Android users can download the app and reserve their handle or username.

For Android App: Clubhouse: Social Audio
For iOS App: Clubhouse: Social Audio

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