Updated on September 30, 2022

Casio - G-Squad Pro

The Casio G-Squad Pro will retain the same design that the company is known for with its G-Shock watches.

The design demonstrates that it is rugged, as evidenced by the titanium back.

On the other hand, the body is constructed of durable materials that can withstand any shock and withstand submersion in water up to 200 meters deep.

The smartwatch has a 1.2-inch dual-layer display with 360 x 360 pixels and 360 x 360 pixels.

In addition to showing the time in monochrome, the LCD panel will also include a color display, which will show notifications, maps, sensors, data, and various other pieces of information.

Many sensors are integrated into the device, including a built-in GPS, altitude and barometric pressure gauges, compass bearing sensor, optical heart rate sensor, etc.

The smartwatch’s software supports more than twenty-four indoor workout options, fifteen activities (running, road biking, swimming), and other extreme sports (surfing, snowboarding).

Other features include smartphone notifications, access to Google Assistant, and various apps to use.

Unfortunately, with the color display enabled, the battery life is only 1.5 days, which is not very long at all.

When the color display is turned off, the battery life of the GSW-H1000 can be extended by enabling the Multi-timepiece mode.

The Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 is available in three different color options: red, black, and blue.

Casio G-Squad Pro Features

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Multi-information display
Casio G-Squad Pro

A three-tiered display layout makes it easy to see measurement data such as pace and heart rate.

Customize and rearrange data points to create a screen display that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Casio G-Squad Pro

Access the Casio G-Squad Pro’s extensive list of features in a matter of seconds. You can easily navigate through icons by swiping around the screen’s periphery.

This will allow you to quickly find the Heart Rate Monitor, Map, and other features. Glove operation is also possible through the use of buttons.

Original watch faces
Casio G-Squad Pro

An advantage of using a dual-layer display is the increased visibility. It is possible to benefit from an optimal multi-function display thanks to the digital layer.

In contrast, the analog layer allows for automatic switching between time and watch functions thanks to the analog layer.

To match the environment or your style, you can select one of three different watch faces.

Additionally, the background patterns and theme colors can be modified through the settings options.

Theme color settings
Casio G-Squad Pro

You can select a color scheme for each of the three watch faces’ backgrounds, measurement screen interfaces, and other features from a palette of blue, red, gold, or a custom combination of colors.

Diverse functions
Casio G-Squad Pro

This app has something for everyone with a wide range of features, including maps showing the current location and trajectory, compass bearings, barometric pressure, altitude measurements, tide graphs, sunrise and sunset times, and more.

Activity history
Casio G-Squad Pro

Lists of measurement data for each activity are displayed.

From time and distance traveled to cadence and calories burned to map displays of the route taken on the road, and much more, this device provides detailed information.

Training analysis
Casio G-Squad Pro

Use the app to view and manage the data collected by the watch more conveniently.

Check the level of training progress and results to use as a basis for future training planning.

Overlay performance data on videos
Casio G-Squad Pro

Video and still images captured while you’re in action are combined with sensor measurement data captured and displayed in layers using the sensor overlay function.

Create unique content that can be shared on social media with ease.

GPS functionality & multiple sensors
Casio G-Squad Pro

The GPS satellite provides the most up-to-date information on one’s location at any given time.

The optical sensors on the back of the watch are used to measure the wearer’s heart rate.

Compass bearing, altitude, barometric pressure sensors, and others have been integrated into the system.

Real-time information can be obtained through the use of original sensing technology.

Dual-layer display
Casio G-Squad Pro

The device has two LCDs: a monochrome, always-on LCD for time display and a color LCD for high-definition display of maps, sensor data, and other information.

Because of the dual collection, you can select the most appropriate display options for your current situation while still maintaining excellent visibility at all times.

Case and button design
Casio G-Squad Pro

The frequently used Start button is made of aluminum with an accent color to improve visibility and operability.

The Start button is made of aluminum with an accent color to enhance visibility and operability.

Honeycomb patterning is also applied to the case and band, giving it an expression of toughness that is appropriate for its name.

Titanium case back
Casio G-Squad Pro

Corrosion resistance in titanium is excellent. To improve abrasion resistance, titanium carbide finishing is applied.

Wear OS by Google™
Casio G-Squad Pro

Your smartwatch, powered by Google’s Wear OS, comes pre-loaded with useful apps such as Google Assistant, Google Pay™, and Google Fit™.

Receive notifications for email, phone calls, social media, and other activities. Google Play offers a range of applications to choose from.

Casio G-Squad Pro Specifications

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  • Operating System(OS)
    • Wear OS
  • Box Contents
    • Smart Watch
    • User Manual
    • Warranty Card
  • Water-Resistant
    • Yes
  • Shape Surface
    • Circular
    • Curved
  • Weight
    • 103 Grams
  • Clock Face
    • Digital
  • Battery
    • Charging Mode
      • via Cable
    • Battery Life
      • Up to 1.5 Days
  • Connectivity
    • Bluetooth
      • v4.2
    • Wireless Protocol
      • Wi-Fi 802.11, b/g/n
    • USB Connectivity
      • No
    • Navigation
      • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Sensor
    • Accelerometer
      • Yes
    • Gyro
      • Yes
    • Gps
      • Yes, with Glonass, QZSS
  • Compatibility
    • Compatible Os
      • Android & iOS Phones
    • Incoming Call
      • Yes
    • Alarm
      • Yes
    • Calendar Reminder
      • Yes
    • Email
      • Yes
  • Smartphone Remote Features
    • Voice Control
      • Yes
  • Activity Tracker
    • Calories Intakeburned
      • Yes
    • Distance
      • Yes
    • Steps
      • Yes
    • Sleep Quality
      • Yes
    • Active Minutes
      • Yes
    • Heart Rate
      • Yes
  • Additional Features
    • Alarm Clock
      • Yes
    • Reminders
      • Yes
    • Stopwatch
      • Yes
  • Color
    • Red
    • Black
    • Blue
  • Price(approx. $569.45)
    • ₱28,563

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