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cod ranks codm rank cod rank list ranks in cod rank in codm

One of the most played mobile shooters is Call of Duty, which has a sizable player base. But how precisely do you distinguish yourself and demonstrate your prowess in the game?

The Call of Duty ranks put your skill in a numerical league, allowing you to play other players at your level, track your development, and even engage in competition for rewards.

The higher tiers of the ranks are a requirement if you’re interested in competitive Call of Duty mobile esports or mobile esports in general.

The Call of Duty rating scheme is quite straightforward. Everything you need to know about them, including how to rank up, what rewards you receive, and when they reset, is covered in this guide.

But there are a lot of ranks to advance through. But the benefits make it worthwhile.

What Are The Ranks For Call of Duty Mobile?

The Call of Duty ranks is a straightforward system for figuring out your in-game proficiency.

As you play, you accumulate points that, if you perform well enough, can advance you in the ranks.

Your proficiency in each particular area is reflected here because the ranks for Battle Royale and the main multiplayer are different.

cod ranks codm rank cod rank list ranks in cod rank in codm

You can play against players with comparable skill levels in competitive lobbies by using your Call of Duty mobile ranks to help determine your matchmaking.

The game’s ranks are all listed below, along with the number of points you’ll need to advance to the next rank for each:

ROOKIE – This Is Where You Start

The first rank you will achieve in the system is this one. This is where your general game knowledge will initially increase, even though it may seem simple and less difficult:

ROOKIE – This Is Where You Start
Rookie I ➡ 1-200 CP
Rookie II ➡ 201-400 CP
Rookie III ➡ 401-600 CP
Rookie IV ➡ 601-800 CP
Rookie V ➡ 801-1000 CP

VETERAN – 2nd Call of Duty Ranks

Most players in this rank will have a little more experience. Fortunately, there won’t be much competition since you are only one rank above Rookie.

To advance even further, work to improve your abilities:

VETERAN – 2nd Call of Duty Ranks
Veteran I ➡ 1001-1200 CP
Veteran II ➡ 1201-1400 CP
Veteran III ➡ 1401-1600 CP
Veteran IV ➡ 1601-1800 CP
Veteran V ➡ 1801-2000 CP

ELITE – Rank 3

Players are starting to improve at this level of the Call of Duty Mobile ranks. It doesn’t take long to reach this rank even though the more recent players aren’t present.

In Elite, things become more serious. These are the ranks for this one:

ELITE – Rank 3
Elite I ➡ 2001-2200 CP
Elite II ➡ 2201-2400 CP
Elite III ➡ 1401-1600 CP
Elite IV ➡ 2601-2800 CP
Elite V ➡ 2801-3000 CP

PRO – 4th Call of Duty Rank

Pro-rank competition is slightly more intense than Elite. Here, success depends on having good game sense, accuracy, and knowledge of the appropriate weapons for each circumstance:

PRO – 4th Call of Duty Rank
Pro I ➡ 3001-3300 CP
Pro II ➡ 3301-3600 CP
Pro III ➡ 3601-3900 CP
Pro IV ➡ 3901-4200 CP
Pro V ➡ 4201–4500 CP

MASTER – Rank 5

This is the end of the game when Master is most competitive because he is almost at the game’s peak. The ranks are as follows:

MASTER – Rank 5
Master I ➡ 4501–4800 CP
Master II ➡ 4801-5100 CP
Master III ➡ 5101-5300 CP
Master IV ➡ 5301-5600 CP
Master V ➡ 5601-6000 CP


Grand Master and Legendary are the highest levels in Call of Duty, and they operate a little differently. Once you reach this rank, you are at the very top of the game; there are no separate tiers.

To reach these ranks, you must have 6001 CP+, but once you do, your skill level in the game is at its highest.

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You will be considered Legendary if you have more than 8000 points and rank among the top 5000 players.

Rewards For Call of Duty Ranks

We have a list of the rewards you can earn now that you have seen the Call of Duty ranking tiers.

Having the ability to brag about being among the best players you know is the primary driver.

cod ranks codm rank cod rank list ranks in cod rank in codm

However, if you work hard throughout the season, you can also earn some pretty nice rewards.

You can obtain exclusive weapon blueprints, accessories, and experience multipliers after each season. The same holds for both Battle Royale and regular gameplay.

The Call of Duty ranks rewards are as follows:

✅ Green Rust – Frag, Smoke, Molotov, Clown, Snowboard
✅ Sand Tracks – Shicom, AK117, XPR 50, J358
✅ Contact Grenade
✅ Koshka
✅ Cobra Head
✅ Cluster Grenade – Oasis
✅ Muscle Car – Oasis
✅ Wingsuit – Oasis
✅ LK24 – Oasis
✅ Trap Master – Oasis
✅ Rytex AMR – Oasis
✅ Axe – Oasis
✅ Parachute – Oasis
✅ Tank – Oasis
✅ Desperado – Oasis
✅ Thumper – Oasis
✅ AS VAL – Heat Shield
✅ Ghost – Apparition
✅ Weather the Storm
✅ Arid Artillery
✅ Sandpike
✅ Swordfish – Arid Shroud
✅ Roach
✅ Roze – Sand Dune
✅ XQR – Sandpike
✅ Holger 26 – Serpentine Sands
✅ Backpack – Rig Satchel
✅ Farah – Desert Sentinel
✅ Koshka – Skiff Shot

How Can The Call of Duty Ranks Be Levelled Up?

You must achieve success now that you are aware of what is at risk and what could be gained.

Unfortunately, there is no extremely quick method for rank progression. You must perform well in either Battle Royale or Multiplayer, whether you play alone or with friends.

We have some advice that will undoubtedly aid you in your success-seeking endeavors.

First, if you play solo, make sure you are well-versed in maps and weapons. You can always find yourself in crucial situations with the right tools if you comprehend both.

cod ranks codm rank cod rank list ranks in cod rank in codm

Make sure your teammates are just as good as you if you play on a team.

You cannot afford to have any significant disadvantages if you want to advance positively, especially once you reach professional rank and higher.

Look for players aiming for a higher rank on forums and Twitch streams. On these forums, you are more likely to find individuals who share your views.

Try out your weapon setups in standard multiplayer as well. You can then theoretically craft and put together the ideal loadout thanks to this.

How Frequently Is Call of Duty Ranks Reset?

Your rank will also reset when the reset takes effect.

Fortunately, you won’t drop back to Rookie if you have climbed very high in the ranks. A list of resets for each rank is provided below.

Resets for Each Rank
Legendary ➤ Pro I
Master 5 ➤ Elite 5
Master 4 ➤ Elite 4
Master 3 ➤ Elite 3
Master 1 ➤ Elite 1
Pro 5 ➤ Veteran 5
Pro 3 & 4 ➤ Veteran 4
Pro 1 & 2 ➤ Veteran 3
Elite 4 & 5 ➤ Veteran 2
Elite 2 & 3 ➤ Veteran 1
Elite 1 & Veteran 5 ➤ Rookie 5
Veteran 2 ➤ Rookie 3
Veteran 1 ➤ Rookie 2
Rookie 1 – 5 ➤ Rookie 1

Depending on how you finish, that is how each season will begin for you. One important aspect of the game is the Call of Duty Mobile Ranks.

It’s crucial to understand how they all function, whether your goal is to reach the very top or simply to maximize your rewards.

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