Updated on September 30, 2022

Air Fryer

Due to the current popularity of air fryers, the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer comes at an ideal time.

People became interested in air fryers because they wanted to enjoy fried foods without the associated health risks of deep-frying them.

Among the many features of the Smart Over Fryer is the Element IQ System, which employs a sophisticated algorithm to create the optimal kitchen environment for specific cooking techniques.

It increases the machine’s versatility and makes it an excellent fit for any kitchen setting.

In addition to a 6-slice toaster, 30 cm pizza, whole roasted chicken, 9-cup muffin tray, and overall 22-liter capacity, the Smart Oven Air Fryer can also bake bread, cookies, and other baked goods in the microwave.

An Air Fry Basket, an enamel roasting pan, a nonstick pizza pan (30 cm), a wire rack, and a grilling rack are all included in the set.

With 10 cooking functions, the Smart Oven Air Fryer can perform both air fryer and oven functions. Toast, Crumpets, Bake, Roast, Grill, Pizza, Air Fry, Reheat, Warm, and Slow Cook, are options for preparation.

Users will find it to be “user-friendly,” while the design will be “sophisticated” and “intuitive.”

It also has a digital LCD to display various important information and an interior oven light to see how your food progresses.

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Features

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Specialized Air Frying Setting
Air Fryer

The Smart Oven Air Fryer can make guilt-free french fries, chicken wings, family favorites, and so much more without the need for a separate air fryer.

Air-fried food is delicious and crispy because of the combination of high temperatures and super convection (maximized air movement).

Dual Speed Convection
Air Fryer

Cooking with convection has been shown to reduce cooking time by up to 30%.

Raising hotter air and sinking colder, less dense air speeds up the cooking process, resulting in faster heating.

Super Convection generates a tremendous amount of airflow, which is ideal for Air Fry.

LCD Display
Air Fryer

You can quickly access the built-in smart functionality and choose from various innovative cooking options with the LCD.

The LCD also indicates when the preheating process is complete and automatically counts down the remaining time until the meal is ready for consumption.

Interior Oven Light
Air Fryer

The built-in oven light automatically turns on at the end of the cooking cycle to make it easier to see what’s cooking inside.

It can be activated at any time to allow you to track your progress—componentry that can be replaced, similar to a regular large oven.

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Specifications

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  • Dimensions (WxDxH)
    • 47cm (W) x 41cm (D) x 28.8cm (H)
  • Warranty
    • 1 Year Warranty (Household Use)
    • 3 Months Warranty (Commercial Use)
  • Construction Materials
    • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Capacity
    • 6-Slice Toaster
    • 30 cm Pizza
    • Roast a whole chicken
    • 9-cup Muffin tray
    • 22 liters overall capacity
  • Element IQ System
    • Intelligent algorithms steer power to where and when it’s needed to create the ideal cooking environment for a range of different cooking techniques
  • Accessories
    • Air Fry Basket
    • Enamel Roasting Pan
    • 30cm Non-stick Pizza Pan
    • Wire Rack
    • Grilling Rack
  • Power
    • 230 Volts
    • 60Hz
    • 2200 Watts
  • Preset Functions
    • Toast
    • Crumpet
    • Bake
    • Roast
    • Grill
    • Pizza
    • Air Fry
    • Reheat
    • Warm and Slow Cook
  • Dual Speed Convection
    • Convection speeds the cooking process by raising hotter air and sinking colder, less dense air for quicker heating. Super Convection delivers extreme airflow, ideal for Air Fry
  • LCD Display
    • To quickly access the built-in smart functionality, choose from 10 smart cooking functions. Indicates when preheat has completed and automatically begins to count down on the cooking time for perfect results
  • PID Temp Control
    • With sensing and digital PID temperature control, it eliminates cold spots for precise and even cooking
  • Price(approx. $527.50)
    • ₱26,459

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